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Q: How can I order multiple quantities or multiple items? Do I need to fill out the form multiple times?

A: No, you need to fill out the information just once. Just write the quantity or items you want to order in the ďCommentsĒ section or send me an email.


Q: How do I pay for items using Paypal?

A: Please make sure you have the total with shipping first, as the item cost does not include shipping. Then, either pay me directly from Paypal (pay to or use the Comments section of the order form or an email to ask me to send you a Paypal invoice.

Q: I donít like to put my credit card on the Internet, even in a secure area that is encrypted. Can I call you with my information?

A: Absolutely! Despite the encrypted site, many people still want to call with the information. My phone number is 860-526-3413. If Iím not here, Iíll call you back as soon as I can.

Q: To whom do I make checks or money orders out?

A: Please make them payable to Maureen Gillis rather than Glass From The Past.


Q: Iíve emailed you several times and havenít heard back. Donít you want my business?

A: I am as frustrated as you are, especially if I get out an item, pack it and weigh it to give shipping estimates and never hear back because of email problems! I reply to all emails within 24 hours (usually within a few hours). If Iím away, I set my email to send an automatic reply so you know when Iíll get back to you personally. So if you donít hear from me, please check your Antispam or Trash Folders and spam settings, particularly if you are an aol customer, as much of their mail does not get through. Or call me if it appears that I still have not responded. I promise you, I have!

Shipping and Handling:

Q: How much do you charge for handling? Do I have to buy insurance?

A: My shipping quotes are all inclusive and although I buy and use good packaging materials, I try not to charge much handling. Usually, I just round up the shipping to the nearest dollar as a handling charge. I do pack well, and for smaller items, I know that insurance might not seem worth the expense. If you donít want insurance, let me know, but then you assume all risk for breakage and missing packages.


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