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About Cambridge Glass Co. and ROSE POINT (Etch #1041)

The Cambridge Glass Company was chartered in 1873; in 1899, construction began; and in 1901, the owners of the National Glass Company of Pennsylvania organized Cambridge Glass (of Cambridge, OH). The first piece of glass, a three-pint pitcher, was made in 1902. That must have been quite some pitcher, having taken almost 30 years to produce!!

Several pressed patterns were created during the next five years before the more elegant etched glass was introduced. Cambridge called its needle-etched pieces “etched” and the wheel-cut pattern pieces “engraved.” The Company made a complete line of pharmaceutical items in addition to its glass for the home.

The Cambridge Glass trademark—the letter C enclosed within a triangle—was introduced in the 1920’s. After 1935, it no longer embossed its trademark on the glass, believing it was too ostentatious for tableware. The company closed in 1958; in 1960, Imperial Glass Co. acquired the Cambridge molds and equipment and made pieces in a few patterns such as Caprice. Imperial went bankrupt in 1984.

Some of the Common Blanks produced by Cambridge (in addition to Decagon and Round) were the #3400, which has 4 wide scallops; #3500, which has 6 wide scallops, a bit deeper than #3400, (with a pie-crust effect it’s known as Gadroon); and #3900 (Corinth), which is characterized by wide panels flaring outward and a scalloped edge. Martha (#3600) has smaller panels and significant scalloping. Only the plain Decagon pieces are valued in the Price Guides, although unetched items were made on all blanks and in many colors.

Rose Point, or Cambridge etch #1041, was made from 1935-1954. It is the most famous of the Cambridge etchings, and was designed to harmonize with Wallace Rose Point sterling and Pope-Gosser china. A large number of pieces were made in this pattern, mostly in clear crystal.

Rose Point Stemware is usually found on the #3121 or the #3500 blanks (see my listings for pictures). The #3121 has a feathery column look and the #3500 has a balled stem look.


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