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Wonderful experience with the seller !
May 13, 2011 (no description available)
Perhaps dealer is away
Sarah Eigen
October 28, 2010 (item description withheld)
Great experience!
Kim Jensen Joseph
May 22, 2007 (no description available)
Fast e-mail response, Shiping, and good packing
Vintage Collectibles Jerry Herring
March 13, 2006 (no description available)
Super Fast Delivery on these hard to find items. Thanks!!!!!
Donna Chisolm
September 20, 2005 (no description available)
An extremely pleasant exprience;great information provided
Leslie M. Macalush
December 28, 2004 (no description available)
Responsive, Reputable, Deliveries the exact product described.
Michele Williams
December 18, 2004 (no description available)
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