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All Items : Breweriana : Steins : Pre 1980 item #1159625 (stock #2046)
Precious Treasures
This ceramic German stein was produced by Gertz. It has seit of 1862 on base.There are two scenes. one is a tavern scene and the other is of a house with foliage and flowers. The price is $35.00 plus postage and insurance.The stein measures 6.50" high and 2.50 " wide.
All Items : Breweriana : Decanters : Pre 1950 item #1133425 (stock #7214)
Precious Treasures
$185 SOLD thank you
This cocktail shaker has two pouring lips and is the most beautiful set I have seen along with four tumblers. It is in excellent condition and a prize to own. It was made around 1940. It has a ground stopper and a beautiful design.It measures 11.5" high and 3.5"wide. The price for the set consisting of shaker and 4 tumblers is $185.00 plus postage
All Items : Glassware : Depression : Companies : Cambridge : Pre 1940 item #1086214 (stock #7053)
Precious Treasures
The stopper is also the 3400 line and both are being sold in guaranteed excellent condition. It was made around the 1930's-40's and stands 5" tall and 4.75" wide. The stopper and handle are crystal. The piece is being sold for $45.00 plus postage and insurance.