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Plunger Laundry Tool / Antique Hibbard Brand / Clothes Washer Stomper

Plunger Laundry Tool / Antique Hibbard Brand / Clothes Washer Stomper
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This is an antique hand plunger washing tool / laundry agitator with metal cone and a tall wooden handle. The metal cone is stamped with a logo that reads Hibbard (brand name). It has 2 staggered side handles . This piece of laundry history measures approximately 40.5" tall overall and the metal cone is 7 " tall x 8" diameter at the bottom. This item is in good antique condition with rust on the metal piece. This is the type of laundry washer that was used when washing clothes in the old wash pots. The metal cone is a little out of round . There is rust, tarnish, patina. Great Vintage Farm Primitive display piece or working piece of history. These old plungers have many different regional names. Some areas of the country call these possers- ----a tool used for possing laundry by pumping the posser up and down on the laundry in the dolly tub mixing laundry and soap  while washing it. Possers come in various forms; there is usually a vertical pole with a handle bar at the top but the base can be conical or domed. The metal cone plunger type belongs to the later 1800s and early 1900s. sold as is. Made of metal and wood this beautiful piece would look awesome in your old antique-Victorian home. It is the tool that our great grandmothers used. It was hard work.

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