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About Us
We have always enjoyed what we lovingly call, "Junkin".
We have actively been buying and selling for about 15 years.
During this time we have sold at Fleamarkets, both indoor and outdoor.
Sold on Ebay, (Skillet22), still an active ID, but don't like all their new policy changes.
Sold in Antique malls, and owned, or rather "have been owned by" our own Antique mall for about three years and just generally are addicted to this great old stuff.
We currently have two booths in Lincoln Antique Mall, and one booth in Best Antique Mall, both located in Lincoln Missouri.
We also have a booth in The Wooden Wagon Mall in Warsaw, Missouri.
One thing through all this limited experience that we have definitley learned, is that we still, and will always find more to learn about.
This means that we realize we don't know it all, of course, therefore you may occasionally catch us in an error.
We will Never, and we mean never intentionally misrepresent anything for any reason. Please feel free to point out our errors when you find them and we will correct them ASAP.
We thank you for looking, hope you enjoy yourself, and may God richly bless you Daily.

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