Packrats Plunders
All Items : Women's Vanity : Pre 2000 item #1235242 (stock #H100009)
Packrats Plunders
I am offering a very nice lot of six pairs of ladies gloves that I believe were all made in the Philippines. I believe that they were sample pairs as some have a worn factory sticker, ink stamp-mark, or tag that may be the style or size coding. One tag appears to date that one pair in 1979. All are in VGC+ condition and I do not feel as though any have been worn previously. The styles, sizes, and overall length are as follows: 1 Pr...
All Items : Women's Vanity : Contemporary item #1234335 (stock #LA100356)
Packrats Plunders
I am offering a very nice belt by the above titled name and description. There is a gold-tone foil tag on the back of the buckle that has the name and address. The color pattern is very suggestive of a pearlescent fish swimming away from the shell on the right both of which are on a black background. Whether this is an enhanced natural pattern or something created wholly by the Charmant Co. is a question I cannot answer. Buckle measures about 3” long and about 2 ½” high...
All Items : Women's Vanity : Perfume Bottles : Pre 1990 item #1234331 (stock #LA100353)
Packrats Plunders
I am offering a very nice, small (2 ¼” tall x 1 ¾” wide), dark blue and Gold plated?, or at least gold-toned nicely detailed ceramic perfume bottle with a Greek themed scene of six musicians in a garden-like scene arranged around the sides. There is residue or (solid?) perfume inside, but not necessarily a useable amount or useable quality. No damage, and no wear found. There is one tiny white spot/bump where the glaze did not adhere during firing, but otherwise great...
All Items : Art Nouveau : Pre 1960 item #1128043 (stock #LA100259)
Packrats Plunders
$36.00---SOLD, Thank you Ralph
Art Nouveau Semi-Nude Lady on Brass Vanity Mirror. Very nice detailing on this older mirror. I am really not sure of the age but it has Phillips head screws, which could mean the 50’s or 60’s, actually appears older. It is in great shape with no damage nor wear noted and the glass is bright and clear. There are no maker’s marks to be found, but I feel like it could be Italian made. It stands 11 ¾” tall, right at 5” wide, and the base is about 2 ¾” deep...
All Items : Women's Vanity : Contemporary item #1127936 (stock #LA100253)
Packrats Plunders
“Jean d’Orly Paris” signature in ink on this cotton butterfly ladies handkerchief. Pretty pink with scalloped, stitched edges, and red, blue, pink, and white butterflies scattered all over it in what looks to be random spacing. There is also a paper label attached on another corner so this makes me believe that it has never been used. Possibly carried, but not washed. Measures about 12” x 12 ½”. In excellent condition other than factory fold creases...
All Items : Women's Vanity : Perfume Bottles : Pre 1990 item #1123167 (stock #LA100234)
Packrats Plunders
$24.00---Sold, Thanks Kathy
Bourjois Evening In Paris Perfume Bottle & Compact with Original Box. Bottle is cobalt blue glass, cap is plastic, black I think, tassels are blue and white. No perfume, just empty bottle.just a bit of wear, but still very legibly marked “Evening in Paris Perfume, Bourjois, New York”. Compact is probably stainless, maybe chromed, with cobalt stripe around lid. Marked on back, “Evening in Paris, Bourjois”...
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