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Nebraska,Fish/Hunt Permit Badge,1941,EX COND.

Nebraska,Fish/Hunt Permit Badge,1941,EX COND.
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Nebraska 1941 Resident Permit to Hunt License & Pinback Badge with paper license enclosed. The badge base is tin with a copper sheath wrapper over the front and edges. The copper has been embossed with “NEBRASKA FISH, GAME, COMMISSION”, top bottom, and both sides. The license is signed with what appears to be “Raymond Berger” he was 38 y.o., & 5’ 11”. Both license and badge are in near mint condition, except that I have not & do not intend to remove the license, so there may be a possibility of hidden damage to it, but it shows well from front. Pin is still strong and latches well. I have seen this exact year listed for sale at nearly $200.00 recently. This item will also be displayed for sale at Best Antique Mall, Lincoln, Mo. so please check with me regarding availability.

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