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Scifi., Fantasy, Book Lot, Paperbacks, 5 Authors, 12x

Scifi., Fantasy, Book Lot, Paperbacks, 5 Authors, 12x
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$12.00 f/Lot

I am offering the above lot of 12 different books, by a total of five separate authors. There are no duplicates. They date from 1972 to 1983. See list below All but one of them has a stamped type seal on an inside page with a Unicorn symbol and also declares “Library Of Richard E. Barnes”. I have put a guideline below of how I determine the descriptions. I am not a professional on books so please understand there may be some variances in my descriptions / determinations, but will try to be conservative so you should not be disappointed. I am also listing several Louis L’Amour book lots at this time. We are a non-smoking, pet-free home, however, these were purchased by us used from elsewhere a short time ago, so cannot attest to all their history. I will always be willing to combine your multiple purchases to save shipping costs when feasible. Thank you very much for looking. PAPERBACK BOOK DESCRIPTIONS First of all, I do consider the actual age of the book as a factor in its condition rating NEW—UN-USED/UN-READ, WITH OR WITHOUT TAGS/BOXES EXCELLENT---READ BUT NO SCUFFS, TEARS, MARKS, STAINS, w/ TIGHT SPINE/BINDING, & BRIGHT CLEAR COVER VERY GOOD +---TIGHT SPINE/BINDING, BRIGHT SHINY COVER , MINIMAL CREASES OR SCUFFS, NO NOTED MISSING OR BADLY TORN PAGES, SOME MINOR AGE YELLOWING OF PAGES, SOME MINOR MARKINGS, OWNERS NAME, NOTES, etc. VERY GOOD---VERY READABLE, TIGHT SPINE/BINDING, GOOD COVER, CREASES, SOME STAINS, SOME TORN PAGES GOOD---READABLE, MAY HAVE; LOOSE SPINE/BINDING and/or CREASE(S), TEAR(S), LOOSE PAGE(S), SCUFF(S), MARK(S), SOILED COVER. The books are as follows below In The Green Star’s Glow, Lin Carter, 1st Daw Prt’g Jan 1976, VGC Cosmic Crusaders, Pierre Barbet, Daw Books, 1972/1980, VGC Storm Queen, Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1st Daw Prt’g, Jan 1978, VGC Necromancer, Gordon R. Dickson, 1st Daw Prt’g. Jan 1978, VGC The Star Road, Gordon R. Dickson, Daw Books, 1st Prt’g. Aug. 1974, VGC None But Man, Gordon R. Dickson, 1st Daw Prt’g., Nov. 1977, VGC Tactics Of Mistake, Gordon R. Dickson, Daw Bk’s, 1st Prt’g. June, 1972,VGC Fires Of Azeroth, C.J.Cherryh, Daw Books, 1st Prt’g. June, 1979, VGC The Faded Sun, Shon’Jir, C.J. Cherryh, Daw Books, 1st Prt’g Apr. 1979, VGC Gate Of Ivrel, C.J. Cherryh, Daw Books, 1st Prt’g, March, 1976, VGC The Tree Of Swords& Jewels, CJ Cherryh, Daw Bks 1st Prt’g Aug 1983, VGC Well Of Shiaun, C.J. Cherryh, Daw Books, 1st Prt’g, April, 1978, VGC

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