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Vintage Bridal Shower Party Games Book Copyright 1952

Vintage Bridal Shower Party Games Book Copyright 1952 for item E067  
$38.00 Bridal Shower Games Book

What fun! With the current interest in vintage and retro items, this little book will have your bridal shower guests rolling in the floor! All good clean fun and a blast from the past!

Per back cover of book, it contains "fifteen different illustrated games and stunts, sufficiently diversified to enable any hostess to plan an evening of varied and hilarious entertainment her guests will thoroughly enjoy and long remember." >br>
I photographed a few of the pages. There are several games that are fill in the blanks -- one is "A Chuckle Love Story" and it has 22 copies/pages for this game. Another is "What Would You Do? and it has 20 copies/pages. The last one is "An Edible Quiz" and it has 12 copies pages.

If you didn't want to destroy the book by tearing out the pages, you could just copy them for your guests to use during the shower (may be easier to do that and to enlarge them when copying for easier viewing).

Book was manufactured and distribued by the Leister Game Division, Hart Vance Co., St. Louis 3, Mo. Copyright 1952 by Leister Game Company, Toledo 2, Ohio.

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