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Your Choice of Small Frozen Charlottes and Frozen Charlies

Your Choice of Small Frozen Charlottes and Frozen Charlies for item E081  
$15.00 each

This listing has your choice of Frozen Charlottes and/or Frozen Charlies! These are the smaller size – 2 (red dress girl and boy with hat) measure 3 1/8” tall, little boy with green/holding an airplane is 2 ¾” tall, the smallest one (little girl holding a heart) is 2 1/8” tall. Little boy with hat has “Made in Japan” on his back, the other three have “Japan”.

All are in wonderful condition as can be seen in photo and all the frozen Charlottes and Charlies I have listed are from my personal collection.

I believe this little boy with hat is a Matador and he is the only one that may have some damage. He has some shiny areas at his neck so although I can’t be certain, he could have a re-glue. Because I am listing these in one listing, I can only list one price but if you would like to purchase this boy, his price will be $10.00.

Just specify which one you wish to purchase so I can send the correct one to you.

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