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All Items : Postcards : Pre 1960 item #340869 (stock #Postcard03)
Moments In Time
Two Unused United States Post Cards

The 1st is a United States 2 Cents Franklin Postal Card.

The 2nd is a United States 1 Cent Jefferson Postal Card.

Both cards are in very good condition. I am not sure of the dates of these cards. There are no marks or writing on the backs of either card. Both have darkened with age, but look better than the photo shows them to be - not as dark. The one cent card is darker than the two cent card, however.

Please include $1.00 for shipping in the U.S...

All Items : Kitchen : Pre 1970 item #340864 (stock #Misc128)
Moments In Time
This listing is for 12 very small stainless steel forks - perfect for serving horsdoeuvres to your guest. These are unused in their original box and were made in Hong Kong.

These little forks have an off-white colored plastic handle with a pretty gold design embossed the length of the handle. The design in only on one side as shown. Each fork is approximately 4" long.

The top lid to the box shows some wear and fading from age...

All Items : Books and Publications : Religion : Pre 1980 item #340860 (stock #Misc85)
Moments In Time
This is the membership book from 1979 for the Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. The pastor was James E. Coggin at the time.

The book has full color photographs of the staff and all of the members of the church. The back also has an alphabetical list of members.

The outer cover shows signs of surface wear, but is in good overall condition. The edges of the cover have darkened some from age. The interior pages are very clean - no writing or dog-ears...

All Items : Music and Musical Instruments : Sheet Music : Pre 1990 item #340858 (stock #Book329)
Moments In Time
Puff up your hair back up again - we're going back to the 80's!

This song book is full of the songs that made the 80's the decade of cool music. The book claims that it is easy to play music that anyone can play. It was published by Columbia Pictures Publications with a 1986 copyright.

The songs included (musical score and words):

Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) All I Need Axel F Better Be Good To Me Born In The U.S.A...

All Items : Postcards : Pre 1980 item #340847 (stock #Postcard33)
Moments In Time
This listing is for three vintage New York postcards.

The first card has a banner that says "Greetings from New York City." On one side of the card is the Empire State Building - the other has the Statue of Liberty.

The second card has a very nice view at dusk of the Empire State Building and the surrounding city.

The third card is a night-time view from Brooklyn showing the famous towers of Wall Street.

All three cards were made by Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, New York...

All Items : Books and Publications : Magazines : Pre 1960 item #340507 (stock #Mag110)
Moments In Time
The cover of this vintage Western Horseman magazine shows a new way to catch the Thanksgiving Turkey! I"d file this under, "Don't try this at home!"

The Western Horseman called itself the Magazine for Admirers of Stock Horses. In this issue, there are some very interesting articles and advertisements.

In the article "European Horses Imported," you"ll read about 20 of the Lipizzaners imported to the U.S...

All Items : Cameras and Photography : Pre 1970 item #340492 (stock #Misc212)
Moments In Time
This is a little booklet of color pictures titled "The Nation's Capital in Natural Color." The cover says there are 15 Kodachrome Reproductions for 35 cents. The count includes the front cover of the Capitol.

This is a souvenir booklet - one that would be purchased as a momento of a trip. The inside cover shows this was from a trip in June, 1969.

Details about each picture are written on the back of each one.

The pictures include the U.S...

All Items : Music and Musical Instruments : Sheet Music : Pre 1970 item #338613 (stock #Music3)
Moments In Time
This sheet music features a really cut frog sitting on a lily pad. The song title is "The Little Frog" and is music for solo piano. The song is by Louise Garrow with a 1969 copyright.

The music is part of the David Carr Glover Program Solo Series and was published by Belwin Mills Publishing Corporation of Melville, New York.

The booklet consists of just the two interior pages with music. The top border has more frogs. The music also has some notes in pencil which I have left...

All Items : Books and Publications : Religion : Pre 1970 item #338607 (stock #Book305)
Moments In Time
Description corrupted. Will be added soon.

Please include $1.25 for shipping in the U.S. Add an additional $1.30 if you want the item insured.

I add new items to my shop frequently. Please bookmark Moments In Time and visit often!

Thank you for looking!

All Items : Books and Publications : Pre 1960 item #338596 (stock #Book232)
Moments In Time
The condition of this crochet booklet is not the best, but because it is so unusual and rare, I did not have the heart to throw it away. I'm sure there is someone who can still appreciate its theme and unique doll clothes patterns.

The title of the booklet is "The Doll Book - Crocheted Doll Clothes in Cotton & Wool." It was distributed by J...

All Items : Souvenirs : Pre 1960 item #338575 (stock #Misc137)
Moments In Time
This is a nice vintage picture booklet featuring the sites of Historic Virginia City, Nevada. There are 10 very nice, color vintage prints. There is no date in the booklet, however, from the vehicles in the pictures, I would say the pictures were taken the the late 1940's or 1950's - very nice Nevada memorabilia!

The pictures include views of Old Sawdust Corner, Comstock Assay Office, Bucket Of Blood Saloon, Piper's Opera House, St. Mary's In The Mountains Cathedral, and more.

The picture ...

All Items : Advertising : Pre 1960 item #338571 (stock #Ad19)
Moments In Time
This advertising combination comes from a September 1958 National Geographic Magazine.

The first side is an advertisement for TWA Trans World Airlines Travel Guides To Europe. For a mere $2.50, you could order a set of eight travel guides to countries such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

The reverse side has advertisements for Lockheed Missile Systems Division, Bausch & Lomb Telescope, Delta Power-King Electric Lantern and Airstream Trailers.

The page measures 6 7/8" x 10". It is in v...

All Items : Books and Publications : Magazines : Pre 1970 item #338567 (stock #Mag76)
Moments In Time
This issue of Stylist Magazine will give up a glimpse of what up-scale furniture was in style in the early 1960's. This is a complimentary issue from Fakes & Company, Furnishing Texas Homes Since 1876, on Houston Street in Fort Worth, Texas.

The magazine only has 15 pages, however, it has many nice pictures of furniture, lamps, rugs and even a Farmhouse Colonial floor plan on the back inside cover.

The magazine is in excellent condition - inside and out. The interior pages are clean - no w...

All Items : Advertising : Cars : Pre 1960 item #338566 (stock #Ad26)
Moments In Time
This advertising duo comes from a January 1958 National Geographic Magazine.

The first side is an advertisement for Studebaker-Packard Corporation - Where pride of workmanship comes first! This is the New Luxury Look for 1958!

The reverse side is an ad for Pan Am Airlines where a $25 down payment will book a 9 hour trip from the West Coast to Hawaii. The ad notes the use of a fleet of radar-equipped "Super-7" Clippers (Douglas-built DC-7Cs) - fastest and quietest over-ocean airlines in ...

All Items : : Pre 1900 item #337710 (stock #Mag09)
Moments In Time
This is a nice 1962 issue of Sunset Magazine just full of Christmas ideas and wonderful recipes.

Some of the items of interest:

Silly Cases For Sunglasses A Loom For Starters - Simple To Build Instructions A House Trailer For Their Dolls Mosaic Panel - Paper & Plastic Home-Made Card For Children To Make Home-Made Gift Bags Charming Quilt From Child"s Artwork Fruit Wine Cordials Turkey Stuffings With Foreign Accents And More

This magazine is in very good condition - inside and out. There i...

All Items : Books and Publications : Magazines : Music : Pre 1940 item #337680 (stock #Misc338)
Moments In Time
If you are a Bing Crosby fan, then you will really enjoy this issue of Song Hits dated June 1937. The cover features Bing Crosby with two lovelies sitting on his lap - a scene from his move Waikiki Wedding. This issue includes the words to songs from the movies - Sweet Is the Word For You, Okolehao, In A little Hula Heaven, and Blue Hawaii (the same one Elvis Presley made famous in his movie by the same title).

Cartoon lovers will enjoy the lyrics in this issue from the cartoons featur...

All Items : Music and Musical Instruments : Sheet Music : Pre 1970 item #337677 (stock #Music24)
Moments In Time
This vintage song book was sold by Hammond Organ Studios of Fort Worth, Texas. The title of the book is "Happiness Is" and has a copyright of 1965. Words and music are included for easy piano, all-organ, vocal and guitar with complete guitar symbols. Mills Music, Inc. of New York published the book.

Some of the songs include Organ Grinder's Swing, It Takes Two, You"ve Got Your Troubles, and more. See the photos for the title page listing the song list.

Even if you are not a musician or...

All Items : Music and Musical Instruments : Sheet Music : Pre 1980 item #336550 (stock #Music02)
Moments In Time
This is the music and words to the song "Shower The People" written by James Taylor. It was published by Country Road Music, Inc., with a copyright of 1975 & 1976. The music also includes Vocal Ad Lib word.

The music has been creased vertically as seen in the photo. The left lower side IS NOT faded as the photo shows - that is light reflection. The interior is clean with no writing. The booklet in one large sheet folded in half. Both inside pages have the words and music. The back cover...

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