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Three Very Old Paper Valentine Cards

Three Very Old Paper Valentine Cards
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This is a group of three very old paper Valentineís Day Cards. I am guessing they are from the 1940ís. All are very sweet!

The cards include:

1. A boy at a microphone. The verse: "Calling my Valentine. (inside) I wish I were a RADIO with AERIAL and WIRE - - - Iíd send waves of LOVE to you and set our heart on FIRE!"

2. A girl with a kitten. The verse: "Valentine Greetings. (inside) I ainít no BEE, as you kin see, but I kin furnish HONEY ĎAtís NICE aní SWEET, Ďní you Iíll treat without a cent oí money!"

3. A boy in a patch of flowers. The verse: (Nothing written on the front side.) (inside) "Se love me, She loves me not, Which is it? I forgot! Valentine."

The cards are all in excellent condition Ė especially considering its age. The card with the boy and microphones has bends on the dogís bow and the lower left corner. That card has "To Shirley Ann, From Francis" on the back side of the card. The girl with the kitten card has "To Shirley, From James" written on the back side of the card. The boy and flowers card has "To Shirly H." written on the back side of the card.

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