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About Us
It started with an old oak bucket almost 40 years ago.
The bucket cost $3 and the stuff to clean it cost $20 and 3 days of scrubbing.
After that bonding experience, I was hooked…if it was old
with any promise of history and/or charm, I wanted to save it.
A Greenwich Village antique shop followed…18 years of treasures passed
through our doors with people to match. My personal collections included
Bakelite anything, art deco faces, old toys, Native American Jewelry and
the quirky piece I couldn’t part with (there were many of those).

We’ve been living in Florida since 1988 and instead of Margaritaville and
relaxation, I’ve kept pursuing that great relic that needs a home…
which is what brought me to Cyberattic. The warehouse is stuffed.
The condo too. The treasures keep finding me. My passion is vintage jewelry
and I have some great estate sources that enable me to pass on
divine finds at earthly prices.

I welcome all inquiries and comments.

That old oak bucket may have been covered with dirt. But it also had a lot of long-lasting good karma too. Thanks for stopping by…

Rita Brand


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