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All Items : Celebrity : Memorabilia : Pre 1980 item #483505 (stock #RB103)
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This original 1977 ELVIS PRESLEY POSTER BOOK - NEW SERIES contains 22 full-size Elvis posters...all in color. These are large-size...measuring 11 by 16 1/2 inches. These photo posters include Elvis in all his different transformations...1950s rocker, in military uniform, in film roles, in concert, lip-locking, in wedded bliss, in Las Vegas flamboyance. Book is old warehouse stock in unused, excellent condition.
All Items : Celebrity : Memorabilia : Pre 1980 item #467173 (stock #RB51)
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A young, lean and mean Mick Jagger machine rocks the cover of this July 14, 1972 LIFE magazine. Cover story is...THE STONES ARE ROLLING AGAIN. It's a 6-page article with photos of the Stones '72 Tour. It's deja vu all over again as the Stones still haven't stopped rolling. Good ol' Mick and the boys give all of us hope that you can rock on well into your geriatric years. Magazine is in near-mint condition with lots of other good 1970's stuff in here too.
All Items : Paper : Magazines : Pre 1960 item #462858 (stock #RB40)
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This original 1955 HOLLYWOOD GUYS AND GALS magazine has 60 pages of star portraits of the day...some in color. All the big celebrities are in here...Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Grace Kelly, Liberace, Kim Novak, Jane Russell, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood, Lana Turner, Audrey Hepburn, Rock Hudson, Doris Day and too many more to list. Magazine is old unsold store stock in excellent condition.
All Items : Celebrity : Memorabilia : Pre 1970 item #459809 (stock #RB13)
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This original 1964 magazine...THE BEATLES FILM...is an 'exclusive behind the scenes story and photos' of the Beatles first movie...A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. The plot relates a 'typical' day in the life of the Beatles and this 48-page magazine has loads of great color and black and white photos from the film and production of it. This magazine was apparently published before the release of the film which hadn't been titled yet...
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