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All Items : Political : Pre 1980 item #937147 (stock #RB302)
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This original TED KENNEDY pin is from his run for the presidency in 1980. It says...FOR PRESIDENT - KENNEDY - 1980. Measures 2 1/8 inches. Pin shows his portrait with the union label on the rim. Excellent condition.
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #908547 (stock #RB276)
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If only we could still order some stuff. This original 1968 pamphlet is the George WALLACE CAMPAIGN MATERIALS PRICE LIST. It lists all the must-have campaign items the Wallace supporter would need...stickers, record, stamps, hat, banner, tie, coins, pins and more. The folded brochure measures 3 5/8 inches across by 8 1/2 inches high. Opens to 11 inches across. Excellent condition.
All Items : Music and Musical Instruments : Pre 1970 item #844598 (stock #RB250)
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This original rare 1960s promotional photo for THE LEFT BANKE was issued by Smash Records. The group was best known for their hit 'Walk Away Renee' which was later recorded by the Four Tops. They also had a hit with 'Pretty Ballerina'. The group members were Tom Finn on bass guitar, lead singer Steve Martin, drummer George Cameron, and lead guitarist Rick Brand. Missing from the photo was Mike Brown who played keyboard and was the main writer for the group...
All Items : Political : Pre 1940 item #844265 (stock #RB244)
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If condition matters to you, you'll appreciate this original portrait FDR campaign pin that says ~ American Labor Party ~. The ALP was a minor U.S. political party that was based in New York state. They were organized in 1936 by labor leaders, liberal Democrats and old-line Socialists and had strong ties with labor unions. The party supported Franklin D. Roosevelt and endorsed him in 1936, 1940 and 1944. In 1956, the ALP voted itself out of existence. The pin is lithographed on tin...
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #843790 (stock #RB240)
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In the early 1960s, before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, a company came out with this set of 64 black and white gumcards depicting his life. The first card is JFK at 10 years old, playing football. The cards show moments throughout his life, to the last card which has him 'recognizing a reporter during the nationwide televised press conference...in his casual hand in pocket stance'. Cards have descriptions on backs. Cards meausre 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Copyright Rosan Printing Corp...
All Items : Political : Pre 1980 item #843071 (stock #RB237)
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These paddles were made to spoof the U.S. - China ping pong matches in the early 1970s, as President Richard Nixon made the first inroads into U.S. communication with China. This 6 1/2 by 10 1/2 inch set is still in the original package. Nixon's paper caricature face is on one paddle...Chairman Mao on the other. Paddles are made of wood with rubber surfaces. Made in Hong Kong. Some minor discoloration to header card. Original, unused old warehouse stock in excellent condition.
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #842802 (stock #RB234)
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So he's not exactly our image of the great superhero Superman, but this original 1970 Spiro Agnew as Superman Puzzle is still sealed and mint in the box. The 500 interlocking piece puzzle features Agnew in the Man of Steel outfit, holding arrows and an olive branch. Box measures 9 1/4 by 13 inches. Assembled puzzle is 16 by 20 inches...
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #841741 (stock #RB 223)
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This rare original 1968 poster is a caricature of Robert F. Kennedy by Ernst Wahlert. The Democratic hopeful that year, RFK is depicted in a toothy, humorous portrait. Bottom is marked...'Copyright 1968 By The Artist, Ernst Wahlert, Celebrity Colorprints...Dallas, Texas.' The poster measures 17.5 by 23 inches. Slight crinkles at corners but overall, this is in excellent condition...no pinholes. It will be shipped rolled in a tube.
All Items : Political : Pre 1980 item #841278 (stock #RB212)
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This original 1972 celluloid political campaign pin says... NOTRE DAME STUDENTS FOR KENNEDY. There's a portrait of young Edward Ted Kennedy with a drawing of the Notre Dame steeple. Pin measures 1 3/4 inches across. Rim is marked with a box number, 'Campbell' and zip code. Pin has normal age tarnish on tin back but is overall in excellent condition.
All Items : Political : Pre 1950 item #840269 (stock #RB187)
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This old and original 1942 lithographed print is of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, shown surrounded by American flags. Bottom shows war scenes...battleships, airplanes, cannons. The colorful print is marked C. MOSS. Measures 8 1/4 by 10 1/4 inches. This WW II print was intended to be hung in schools, banks, stores and homes...the country was at war and patriotism was running high. Print is original...NOT a reprint...in unused, near-mint condition.
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #597631 (stock #RB171)
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This original large portrait of Robert Kennedy was taken in the early 1960s by world famous photographer Philippe Halsman. This 11 by 14 color photo was used by the RFK camp as a campaign poster/portrait for supporters. There's an autograph facsimile under the excellent portrait. RFK was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1964, representing New York State. He was assassinated shortly after delivering a speech celebrating his victory in the 1968 presidential primary of California in L.A...
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #578321 (stock #RB163)
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This original circa 1960 print of John F. Kennedy was made to be turned into a large 6 inch pinback button. Around the portrait of JFK, it says...INAUGURATION DAY JANUARY 20th 1961 - MAN OF THE 60'S. This was never pressed onto a button but is still in its original condition. Beautiful color portrait of Kennedy...measures 7 1/4 by 8 1/4 inches. In addition, winner gets another vintage JFK portrait made at the same time, by the same company....A.A.A. in D.C...
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #569837 (stock #RB157)
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Here's a beautiful 1969 bronze medallion commemorating the Inauguration of Richard Milhous Nixon as President of the United States. (Till this photo, this had been in its original plastic bag but the bag was too crumply to see through so we had to remove it.) This large 3-inch medal is signed F. GASPARRO. Frank Gasparro (1909 - 2001) was the chief engraver of the United States Mint from 1965 to 1981. You've seen his artwork more times than you know as he designed the Susan B...
All Items : Theatre and Movies : Pre 1950 item #511726 (stock #RB119)
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NOT A REPRINT...this original 1947 movie photo was made to promote the film STALLION ROAD which starred Ronald Reagan...
All Items : Political : Pre 1980 item #503696 (stock #RB115)
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All original!...here's a lot of genuine political campaign pins that were used to help elect Ronald Reagan President of the United States in 1980. Three of the pins are large size and measure 3 1/2 inches across. Two of those are jugates...pins that show both Reagan and his running mate, George Bush (the first). One of the jugates is a rare INAUGURATION DAY pin. The smaller pins include a...Democrats for Reagan-Bush, Italian-Americans for Reagan-Bush and a pin with the name 'Reagan' written in Y...
All Items : Political : Pre 1960 item #502786 (stock #RB113)
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Here's a near-mint original color portrait celluloid pin of John F. Kennedy. It measures 3 3/8 inches across and says...OUR 35TH PRESIDENT. Very clean front and back. Nice JFK item...a great 1960 campaign pinback!
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #495054 (stock #RB111)
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This original political poster is from either the 1968 or 1972 campaign for Richard Nixon. Under a big smiling portrait, it says...THIS TIME, VOTE LIKE YOUR WHOLE WORLD DEPENDED ON IT. This glossy color poster measures 21 by 13 1/2 inches. Bottom is marked...Authorized and Paid for by Nixon-Agnew Committee, etc. Also has the union mark. Poster is in near-mint condition. This was never used.
All Items : Political : Pre 1970 item #481763 (stock #RB100)
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This lot of 12 original GOLDWATER cardboard coasters are from 1964. The black and white portrait of Republican candidate Barry Goldwater is in the center of each 3.5 inch disk. These are all in excellent condition...and you'll actually get a 'baker's dozen'...13 coasters.
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