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Lot of Original 1960s HIPPIE Counter Culture Pins

Lot of Original 1960s HIPPIE Counter Culture Pins
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If it's one thing that can be said about the 1960s it's that everyone had an opinion about something. Most of the controversy was about the war in Vietnam or drugs, but some slogans were just meant to be provocative and start a conversation...as you can tell from this original lot of 11 pins from the era. Sentiments include... SOCRATES EATS HEMLOCK, DRAFT BEER NOT STUDENTS, DRACULA SUCKS, I LIKE OLDER WOMEN, CURE VIRGINITY, REALTY (sic...should've been 'reality') IS A CRUTCH, STAMP OUT REALITY, LXIX (69), BANANA POWER, MARY POPPINS IS A JUNKIE, and WOMEN SHOULD BE OBSCENE & NOT HEARD. Most of the pins measure 1 1/4 inches with a couple at 1 inch. Overall, this lot of 11 pins are all in excellent condition and make a great display.

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