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Antique H.H.H. Horse Medicine bottle D D T 1868

Antique H.H.H. Horse Medicine bottle D D T 1868
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A nice medium 6 1/2" tall aqua-colored rectangular-shaped antique HORSE MEDICINE bottle, a VETERINARY bottle for HORSE CATTLE HOGS SWINE PIGS DOGS CATS POULTRY, an early hand Blown Into Mold bottle (BIM) with a tooled top, dating it back well OVER ONE CENTURY OLD, a good 100 years old + PLUS. Bottle embossed: "H.H.H. HORSE / MEDICINE /(and on the side,) D. D. T. 1868". (HHH meaning Horsemans Hope Horse medicine) D.D.T meaning (David Dodge Tomlinson) This bottle is in wonderful condition. There is maybe a trace of content dirt and haze, otherwise it is near perfect as far as cracks or chips or dings, ther are NONE. Age: A hand-blown bottle (Blown-In-Mold = BIM) with a tooled-top, ca. late 1800's. antique HORSE MEDICINE bottle with the "1868 HORSE MEDICINE" embossing. There are different sizes of these bottles, 3 sizes that we've seen for sure with the HORSE MEDICINE embossing, this is the medium size 6 1/2" tall. This is an interesting bottle as there are similar bottles that are embossed HHH MEDICINE, no 'HORSE'. Here is some things we came up with about this bottle. The book on "The Hedden's Store Handbook of Proprietary Medicines" pictures a labeled example and the label clearly states, "H.H. MOORE & SONS / Proprietors & Manufacturers / Stockton, California, U.S.A." This reference explains that in 1868 David Dodge Tomlinson worked in the veterinarian field around Stockton, California, and he concocted the compound and trade mark'd it in 1868, thus the "D.D.T. 1868" embossing. He entrusted Henry H. Moore & John R. Williams, who had a drug Store at 220 Main Street Stockton, California, to manufacture and distribute the medicine. It wasn't too long after this that the product became so successful that Tomlinson decided to expand his customer base by marketing the concoction to include Man & Beast. So he also started using bottles that had the word 'HORSE' dropped from the embossing. It gets confusing from this point, I don't have all the facts correct, it is just a rough sketch of the history of the bottle from what I understand so don't quote me from this point on. I believe that Tomlinson may of originally came from Philadelphia with the California Gold Rush, then moved back to Philadelphia around 1870 or 1871 with his HHH formula to make this his home base to market the HHH Medicine. There are national ads in 1872 for Celebrated HHH Medicine stating that Tomlinson and Eldridge were the proprietors, at 920 Front Street, Philadelphia. By 1875, he is listed at 920 Front Street, Philadelphia as "Gifford and Tomlinson" and then Gifford shows up in 1877 in Chicago, which explain why there are also HHH bottles embossed Gifford & Co. Chicago. I have had the HORSE medicine bottle with the very early hinge or key mold base embossing, a 2 piece mold with an early tooled lip. Also I have a few that were made super sloppy and whittled, very crude that must of been blown fairly early, so these may of been some of the earliest bottles. These bottles (with and without the word "HORSE") come in 4 different sizes. One of the rarest is the sample size, about 4" tall, I've only ever had one and it did NOT have the word HORSE on it. Also there is a 6" tall bottle that comes in a beautiful citron color. So this is what I found out about this bottle and why some are HORSE medicines and others aren't.

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