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Caithness Single dolphin art glass vase made in Scotland

Caithness  Single dolphin art glass vase made in Scotland for item safn-6563  
$38.00 $38.00

Handcrafted by the Caithness Glass Company, established in 1961 by Robin Sinclair, A single dolphin is artistically cut into this lovely vase. Caithness Glass is a Scottish artistic glassware manufacturing company that specializes in paperweights and ornamental glassware. This delightful 7 1/2” vase displays a large dolphin swimming on one side of the vase. The dolphin design is cut and frosted into the clear glass while a ribbon of brilliant blue and white colors swirls upwards from the weighted base to the rim. It is marked with a clear Caithness label on the vase itself and on the base is a stamped, “Caithness” mark.This vase is in excellent condition with no other flaws or any evidence of damage. It is an impressive art glass vase designed by a company that is distinguished for its creative glassware.

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