American Coin and Sterling Silver Colonial through Art Nouveau
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All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1337916 (stock #2792f)
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Grandly scaled at 14 1/2" long, 4.9 T. oz., this solid sterling item is a true punch ladle with a 4 5/8" by 2 5/8" by 1 1/4" deep bowl that has pouring spouts on either side.

It is an old example of Whiting's "Louis XV." The elaborate leaf and scroll design shows to advantage at the size of this. It runs the full length of the front and back sides of the handle, and carries onto the flange shoulders of the bowl...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces : Pre 1900 item #1337824 (stock #2791f)
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Dating c. 1860, "Bust" is one of those patterns that helped created what might be called Gorham's first golden age of design.

The defining feature of the line is a cast, in most instances female, "bust" that surmounts the slender, square handle.

A product of the Classical Revival movement of the period, the figure sits atop a pedestal base, much as she might be presented in a museum or salon, or in a wall niche in an athenaeum.

This piece is a 5 7/8" long, not quite 1.0 T...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1337717 (stock #2790f)
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A pattern identified in both the singular and plural, the origins of Whiting's "Rose(s) & Scroll(s)" is encased in some mystery. It does not show up in standard references, so its story is vague.

Dating from about 1890, it expresses both Aesthetic and Art Nouveau sensibilities.

Stylized rose blossoms appear to float amid a cloud-like setting framed by the scrolls. The design reflects a wispy and ethereal quality, with the imagery seeming to be disembodied from any real world connection...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1930 item #1337601 (stock #2789f)
Old Friends
Price for the pair.
Each of these two, matching, open master salts stands 1 5/8" tall, has a top opening of 2", and is 2 1/4" maximum diameter. The pair combined weigh a substantial 4.5 T. oz.

Marked on the undersides "S. Kirk & Son Inc.," "Sterling," "Hand Decorated," and with the model number number "3," they date 1925-32.

The pattern is "Repousse," which is the hallmark design of this firm. They have three paw feet each that are joined to the bodies in a leaf form...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Pre 1837 VR item #1337519 (stock #2788f)
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Price per piece, three available.
One of the most well-known names in New London, Connecticut, silversmithing, John Proctor Trott left a significant legacy in his extensive body of work, including some significant ecclesiastical pieces.

Long-lived, 1769-1852, he began working in the 18th century and continued well into the 19th century.

This 5 7/8 long, not quite .6 T. oz., teaspoon dates from early in the 1800s...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1337461 (stock #2787f)
Old Friends
A 5 7/8" long, 1.0 T. oz. item, this is an early production example of Alvin's Art Nouveau pattern informally known as "OOB," short for "Old Orange Blossom."

Early pieces distinguish themselves from later ones (and fakes) by their exceptionally fine detail and finish. The handle is up-tipped, which is another feature associated with older examples; subsequent issues had flat handle ends...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1337406 (stock #2786f)
Old Friends
This 8 1/2" long, not quite 1.0 T. oz., spoon exhibits innovative design, as is characteristic of its maker, Georg Shiebler.

It is a lemonade, iced tea, or other form of stirring spoon.

It has a melon shaped bowl, 1 7/8" long by 1" at the widest, with a ribbed interior. It has a gold finish, which extends part way up the handle, which itself is comprised of four joined wires that are twisted in the center portion...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1337337 (stock #2785f)
Old Friends
Perhaps Wallace's most expressive entries in the well populated arena of early 20th century American Art Nouveau designs, "Irian" features the image of a partially clad woman with two cupid-like figures hovering around her head.

Other elements of the design incorporate more typical to Wallace floral elements, including a bold iris that appears in two places on the handle and in the heel of the bowl, along with wild rose and violet blossoms.

This example is a 7 1/8" long, weighty at 1.8 T...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1337054 (stock #2784f)
Old Friends
Price per pair. Please ask about individual purchase.
These two, coin silver, spoons are matching in all ways save for their sizes. One is an 8 9/16" long, 2.1 T. oz. tablespoon, and the other a 7", 1.0 T. oz...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1930 item #1336978 (stock #2783f)
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This 6 3/8" long, 1.1 T. oz. teaspoon was made by the highly regarded, 20th century English firm, "Crichton Brothers." It is fully marked for London, Sterling, 1928, along with "LAC" for the maker, and the words "Made in England."

In keeping with the company style, it is a reproduction of an earlier form, namely "Trefid."

It has a broad, bulbous handle end, with the defining three part, slightly upturned, tip. The backside has a stylized rattail extending about two-thirds of the length ...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces : Pre 1900 item #1336898 (stock #2782f)
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Dating circa 1865, this server measures 8 1/8" long and weighs 1.9 T. oz. It is a hotcake, aka pancake, lifter, which is a form characterized by a flat, generally round, functional end that is well adapted to its purpose.

This is an especially fine example in mint condition. It is Philadelphia in origin, marked "J.E. Caldwell & Co.," who would have retailed it. It is of a style and quality that suggests George Sharp or Peter Krider as a likely manufacturer.

The handle has a rounded, ti...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces : Pre 1900 item #1336785 (stock #2781f)
Old Friends
A substantial sized serving piece, this item measures 8 1/2" long and weighs a generous 2.9 T. oz. The form is identified, at least in later examples than this, as a buffet fork. It is characterized by its six, narrow and lengthy, pointed tines, all joined to a broad heel.

It is a very early example of Kirk's touchstone "Repousse" pattern. Stamped "S. Kirk 1015.," which the Baltimore Museum of Art reference work on Maryland silver indicates was used 1846-61. The silver standard is roughly...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1336487 (stock #2780f)
Old Friends
Priced as a pair.
One of Durgin's earliest line patterns, this design features a charming bouquet of flowers, leaves, and grasses tied in a bow. Although documentation for it is scant, "Spray" is an accepted name.

Examples of this show up in both coin and sterling silver, and are only occasionally identified as by Durgin. This youth set provide that association, as both pieces are stamped "Wm. B. Durgin" and "Sterling."

The knife measures 7 1/2" long, while the fork is 6". Both pieces combined weigh just...

All Items : Silver : Souvenir Spoons : Pre 1910 item #1336440 (stock #2779f)
Old Friends
A Seattle firm founded at the end of the 19th century by Joseph Mayer with his younger brothers, Mayer & Brothers became the major silver manufacturer and related retail establishment of the Northwest.

They produced an extensive line of souvenir spoons, many with a mining theme, as is the case with this 6" long, 1.0 T. oz. example. It features a die cut image of a miner panning for gold in a stream flowing from distant mountains. A stand of evergreen trees forms a backdrop for him and his t...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1940 item #1336397 (stock #2778mc)
Old Friends
The piece is a true estate item, dating to the second quarter of the 20th century, and offered for the first time on behalf of the original owner.

It is lone coffee pot made imprinted on the underside "S. Kirk & Son," "Sterling," model number "184 A F," and "Hand Decorated."

It is a "Half Chased" Repousse, meaning there is a plain area on the upper and lower portions of the main part of the body.

There is a script "FFM" in the open area at the top of the body, just below the lid.


All Items : Silver : Sterling : Pre 1900 item #1336351 (stock #2777f)
Old Friends
A commemorative made for the sixth annual dinner of the "Manufacturers Association New York," held at the "Union League Club February 1st 1899," this solid sterling silver letter opener is a rare item.

It measures 6 1/4" long and weighs just under .7 T. oz.

The design is individualistic in a way that is characteristic of Shiebler's work.

It has an irregular margin and slightly twisted surface. There is a figure of a Roman god, perhaps Vulcan given the nature of the organization, tha...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Pre 1837 VR item #1336237 (stock #2776f)
Old Friends
Measuring 7 3/8" long and weighing just over .9 T. oz., this c. 1835 "Tipt" coin silver dessert or place spoon is marked "L. Le Gross."

Identification for this, presumably, retailer is elusive, but other pieces with the same name bear the pseudo hallmark of silversmith Richard Huntington of Utica, so this likely places Le Gross in central New York.

It is a well-formed item, with a broad end, and high, rounded shoulders off the somewhat elongated, pointed tip bowl.

What particularly d...

All Items : Silver : Souvenir Spoons : Pre 1900 item #1336168 (stock #2775f)
Old Friends
A prominent Washington, D.C. firm, M.W. Galt & Co. developed a popular line of commemorative silver flatware portraying George Washington, obviously connected with the history of its locale, much as Daniel Low of Salem, Massachusetts did in a contemporaneous period with its famous "Witch" souvenir pieces.

In both instances, these wares were manufactured by third parties, that source being Davis & Galt of Philadelphia for the Washington pieces.

There are numerous iterations in this line, ...

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