American Coin and Sterling Silver Colonial through Art Nouveau
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1317415 (stock #2541f)
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Syracuse was a major center of silver manufacturing in the second half of the nineteenth century and this piece is an example of the quality of that city's output.

It is an 8 1/4" long, approximately 1.9 T. oz., berry spoon made by Joseph Seymour.

The pattern is "Duchess," which dates from 1877. It reflects the Moresque and renaissance revival sensibilities of its period, having a dense, tapestry-like design set against a finely lined background that lends it a parchment look...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Smalls : Pre 1900 item #1317265 (stock #2540f)
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Stamped with Gorham's "lion, anchor, G" trade mark, "Sterling," model number "40," and a date symbol for 1888, this diminutive letter opener measures 3 7/8" long and weighs 8 grams (less than .3 T. oz.).

The bulk of the piece is a flat, tapered, blade with a satin matte finish. The handle is tubular with scrolling detail on either side where it joins the blade. This extends along the edges of the backside of the blade, having a naturalistic look like the roots of a tree...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1930 item #1317122 (stock #2538f)
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A Brooklyn, New York firm founded in 1890, Hasselbring Silver Company was one of three manufacturers that merged in 1955 to form the Crown Silver Company.

This 2 1/2" tall to the lip, 2 5/8" to the top of the handle, 1.8 T. oz., diminutive pitcher carries Hasselbring's "deer head and 1890 in an H" emblem on the brushed finish underside...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1317033 (stock #2537f)
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Medium sized, this cheese scoop measures 6 7/8" long and weighs just under 1.5 T. oz. The pattern is International's Art Nouveau "Frontenac," which is an Art Nouveau lily design dating from 1903.

This is an early, fully original, i.e. not custom or made up from another piece, example. The handle has an upturned end while the scoop itself has attractively scalloped shoulders...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Pre 1900 item #1316800 (stock #2535f)
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In his work "Tiffany Silver Flatware," author William P. Hood illustrates a selection of eight line pattern sugar tongs arranged in sizes from 3 1/4" to 6 1/2"(plate 234). At 5 1/8" long, this pair in "Colonial," is medium to large scale. Typical of Tiffany items, it is weighty at 1.2 T. oz.

An 1895 design, the relatively unadorned leaf with lined border motif stands in contrast to the many more intricate patterns of the late 19th century...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1316723 (stock #2534f)
Old Friends
The pattern "Fleury" is comprised of delicate, but fully elaborated, wild rose blossoms, leaves, and stems, entwined with acanthus leaf and scroll detailing, all interpreted in a French manner as would be expected from the pattern name.

It dates from the late Art Nouveau period, as indicated by the "Pat. 1907" imprinted on the back of the handle...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1316518 (stock #2532f)
Old Friends
International's "Avalon" is a turn of the 20th century design. It incorporates high relief, scroll, acanthus leaf, and shell motifs which combine to evoke the mythical island from which the line takes its name. There is also a lion's face cleverly hidden in the detailing of the midpoint of the handle.

This item is an uncommonly found toast or bread fork (which is similar to a spinach fork in some patterns).

It measures 7 3/8" long overall and weighs 1.3 T. oz...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1316127 (stock #2530f)
Old Friends
An early, original, piece of Whiting's stand-out Art Nouveau "Lily" pattern, this 9 1/8" long, heavy, 3.3 T. oz., salad serving spoon is marked with the Whiting lion logo, "Sterling," "Pat. 1902," "R'd 1902," and with the name of the retailer, Salem, Massachusetts "Daniel Low & Co."

It is distinguished by an elongated bowl, 3 1/2" by 2 1/16" at the widest, which in this instance retains very slight traces of an original gold wash...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1940 item #1316042 (stock #2529f)
Old Friends
A premier name in the American Arts & Crafts movement, George Gebelein established himself in Boston just after the turn of the 20th century and remained there with an enlarging presence and growing reputation until his death in 1945.

His work was of the highest order and exemplary of the silversmith's art. That is the case with this 7" long, weighty, 2.3 T...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1315961 (stock #2527f)
Old Friends
Perhaps Wallace's most forward entry in the well populated arena of early 20th century American Art Nouveau designs, "Irian" features the image of partially clad woman with two cupid-like figures hovering around her head.

Other elements of the design incorporate more typical to Wallace floral elements, including a bold iris that appears in two places on the handle and in the heel of the bowl, along with wild rose and violet blossoms.

This example is a gravy ladle. This line was generous...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Pre 1920 item #1315833 (stock #2526f)
Old Friends
An original "Fairfax" piece produced by Durgin and not a later Gorham example, this cucumber server measures 6 5/8" long and weighs 1.2 T. oz.

It has a flat blade with a tipped, scalloped end, a pierced surface, and a cupped heel with slightly flanged edges.

It is without a monogram or removal and in very fine estate condition. It is free of polishing wear, has a bright finish, and the blade is without bends, breaks, or cracks.

Marks are Durgin's "D" emblem, "Sterling," and "Pat'd."

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1315753 (stock #2525f)
Old Friends
An early example of Tiffany's "Japanese," to be distinguished from the later reissue "Audubon," this piece is marked "Tiffany & Co.," "Sterling," "M," and "Pat. 1791."

It is a 7" long, substantial weight at 1.5 T. oz., (sweet) jelly spoon. Smaller than a berry or preserve spoon, and larger than a sugar, this seems to be a scarce form in this line. It has a scalloped edge bowl, with slight ribbing on the sidewalls. It retains a portion of its original gold wash.

The image on the front ...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1315595 (stock #2523f)
Old Friends
The long version of an olive spoon, this example measures a full 9" and weighs just under 1.0 T. oz.

The pattern is Whiting's late 19th century "Louis XV."

The bowl is especially attractive. It has a lattice work interior with little florettes. The borders of this are adorned with cee scrolls which are larger expressions of the design that characterizes the overall pattern. These elements repeat as well on the cupped and scalloped shoulders.

There is a flowing script "AET" monogra...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1315406 (stock #2521f)
Old Friends
Price per piece. Two available, matching.
While this 4 3/4" long, heavy at 1.4 T. oz., bon bon is akin to parallel items produced by such large manufacturers as Gorham and Whiting, this comes from an unexpected source, namely Roger Williams Silver Company of Providence, Rhode Island.

A successor to Howard Sterling Silver Co. c. 1900 according to Rainwater in her "Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers," it merged in 1903 with Mauser and Hayes & MacFarland to form the Mount Vernon Company, so the Roger Williams moniker was sho...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1315250 (stock #2520f)
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Attributed to Whiting, this "Ivy" pattern actually originated with New York's Henry Hebbard. Given this 5 3/4" long, T. oz., piece is marked only "Sterling," it is likely an earlier piece and thus the latter's work and not the former.

An unusual form, it is probably a variant of a horseradish spoon. About the size of a mustard ladle, it has a considerably larger, and oval rather than round, bowl, the end of which has a distinguishing sawtooth edge.

The pattern features a single ivy lea...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Smalls : Pre 1900 item #1315018 (stock #2518f)
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The style of this napkin ring suggests it dates from the late Victorian period, at about the turn of the twentieth century.

It is oval in shape, measuring 2" long by 1 13/16" wide, and weighty at nearly 1.4 T. oz.

It has a paneled body that is bordered by high relief, applied scroll and acanthus leaf design edges.

The main panel on the wide side is engraved "Helene" in a delicate script. The inside of the panel opposite this is stamped with the Towle "lion inside a T" emblem, "Sterl...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1314922 (stock #2517f)
Old Friends
Price per piece. Four available, all matching.
Identified as a dessert or oval soup spoon, this place piece measures 6 5/8" long and is heavy weight at nearly 1.5 T. oz.

The pattern is "Pompadour" by Whiting. It is an embellished "Queen" design offered in, appropriate to the name, a French manner.

This estate piece is a superb, old, example without a monogram and in flawless condition. There is no visible polishing wear and the bowl is perfectly-shaped, free of dents, nicks, burrs, or tip wear. The finish is bright and even.


All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1314608 (stock #2514f)
Old Friends
A turn of the twentieth century pattern, Durgin's "New Standish" reflects the simplicity of design of the emerging colonial revival movement of the time.

This example is a 6 1/2" long, just under 1.4 T. oz., cucumber server.

Similar to, but smaller than, a tomato server, it has flat, 2 1/4" diameter, decoratively pierced blade.

This is without a monogram or removal, and is in exceptionally fine estate condition. The blade is free of bends, burrs, or nicks, while the finish is bright...

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