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All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1278531 (stock #2317f)
Old Friends
Measuring 6 1/8" long and weighing .7 T. oz., this fork is an old example of Knowles' 1878 "Crescent" pattern.

It has an unusual four tine configuration, with a hooked upper tine, and much englarged and also hooked, lower tine. It is possibly a pickle or pastry variant, or even an early, and rare, lobster fork. The upper surface of the tine area is artfully engraved and has a matte finish.

The front of the handle has an Old English "S" monogram.

The condition is mint estate...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1278318 (stock #2315f)
Old Friends
An original, early production of Towle's "Georgian," this dessert or place spoon measures 7 1/4" long and weighs a robust 1.7 T. oz.

It is marked "925/1000" and with the Towle emblem on the heel of the bowl, and "Sterling" and "Pat. 1898." on the backside of the handle. It is also engraved "Florence '99" in script on the reverse.

It is in immaculate condition. To be sure, it would seem a more perfect, old, example of this intricate design is not to be found...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1278225 (stock #2314f)
Old Friends
"Ivy" is a pattern that is associated with Whiting, but actually originated with New York's Henry Hebbard. This 6" long, 1.3 T. oz., sugar sifter is marked only "Pat. 1866" and "Sterling," so may trace to either maker.

The pattern, "Ivy," incorporates ivy leaf detailing both singly and in a repeating border pattern. The overall sense of the design evokes John Polhamus' "Diamond" from the same period...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1278090 (stock #2313dd)
Old Friends
Measuring 10 1/4" long and weighing a substantial 4.7 T. oz., this piece is most likely an oyster ladle rather than the larger yet full size soup.

In today's environment the distinction may be inconsequential. Indeed, some of the massive serving pieces of the 19th century may be overly large for contemporary tables, making this size more utilitarian...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1940 item #1277861 (stock #2311f)
Old Friends
This 5" tall item has a glass body that sits on a rimmed silver base that is 2 1/8" in diameter. It also has a fitted silver lid. The base is stamped "Frank M. Whiting and Co. Sterling," while the lid is marked "Sterling" and "67."

The glass is cut in a stylized, clean, leaf and floral pattern. The cut surfaces are frosted and the blossoms look like starbursts. The handle is blown glass...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1277729 (stock #2310f)
Old Friends
"Gladstone" dates to the late 19th century and was produced by Frank Whiting and Amston, with both companies coming under one umbrella in the mid 20th century.

It is a robust, highly detailed, rococo design. The leafy scrolling set against a stippled ground shows considerable relief, all of which is abundantly evident on this large, 9" long, heavy, 3.4 T. oz., serving fork.

It is without a monogram or removal, and in very fine estate condition...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1277259 (stock #2307f)
Old Friends
One from Watson's early 20th century Art Nouveau floral line, this motif is not as readily found as other designs in the series.

This example is a 5 1/2" long, just over .7 T. oz., teaspoon. As is the case for all of Watson's work of this sort, the die and finish work reflect a high level of refinement. The pattern is set in very high relief and precisely rendered, incorporating fine detail...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1837 VR item #1276605 (stock #2303f)
Old Friends
John Bridge, whose "I.B" mark appears on the backside of this 11 7/8" long, nearly 2.6 T. oz. stuffing or platter spoon, is identified in Jackson's as an important maker. In partnership Philip Rundell, he held the Royal Warrant for a considerable period of time in the 19th century, including 1826 the year this was made. In addition to the date letter and maker's letters, this is stamped with a leopard's head and lion.

It has a down-turned reverse tipt end and an exposed thumb drop on the ...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1276498 (stock #2302f)
Old Friends
Watson produced an extensive line of fruit, floral, and even vegetable patterns around the turn of the 20th century that were exceptionally finely rendered and reflected Art Nouveau sensibilities.

An example from that series, this 6 1/8" long, heavy at nearly 1.2 T. oz., spoon has an elongated and pointed bowl and is probably for citrus.

The motif is grape, showing a large cluster of high relief fruit surrounded by leaves and sinuous vines. The backside repeats the theme in diminished s...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1276004 (stock #2299f)
Old Friends
Variously referenced as oyster, seafood, or cocktail fork, the form of this piece is invariably the same, with three small trident tines joined on the end of a slender handle.

This example was made by Dominick & Haff in its fabled "Labors of Cupid." It is an old piece, circa 1900, not a more recent reissued one. It is marked with the D&H emblem, "Sterling," and the name of the retailer, Brooklyn's "Wm. Wise & Son."

A multi-motif, figural design, the pattern incorporates various cherub-...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Smalls : Pre 1900 item #1275818 (stock #2298dd)
Old Friends
Measuring 3" by 2 1/2" in diameter when fully extended, and weighing not quite 1.1 T. oz., this 1/2" wide, cuff (essentially a bangle) bracelet was made by Shiebler. There is a nearly half inch overlap, so it could open wide enough to accommodate any size w

It reflects his diversity of style and essentially defies a design classification. There is a repeating floral and wispy leaf pattern on the outside surface that may reflect an Aesthetic influence, which was a mode that inspired much of Sh...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1275633 (stock #2297f)
Old Friends
A multi-motif line, Gorham's "Piper" features various youthful characters engaged in childhood activities.

This example is a 6 1/8" long, 1.0 T. oz., youth spoon. It has the large bowl associated with the form, and in this instance, finished in a largely intact gold wash front and back sides.

The image is of a boy carrying a bundle of books and what appears to be a large tablet under his arm. The backdrop looks in the manner of a European low country village street scene, which would b...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Pre 1900 item #1275297 (stock #2295dd)
Old Friends
Measuring 7 3/4" long by 7/8" at the widest, and weighing not quite 1.0 T. oz., this sterling silver bar bracelet is model number "569" by Shiebler. The maker's "winged S" emblem, this number, and the word "Sterling" are stamped on the backside.

It is in the "Homeric," aka "Etruscan," style for which Shiebler is renowned. The hammered, irregular surfaces also suggest Aesthetic influences, which is consistent with the circa 1880 date of this.

There are six individual disks joined by tri...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1275180 (stock #2293f)
Old Friends
Stamped with an "H&M" for the maker, New York City's Hebbard & Moore, 1861-65, this tea or dessert fork was retailed by "Tiffany & Co.," whose mark also appears on the backside, along with "Sterling."

It is tea or dessert size, measuring 7" long and weighing a relatively heavy 1.3 T. oz.

It has a rounded, down turned end, with a tipt backside. The front is engraved in a period design utilizing bright cut and wriggle work.

There is an Old English "T.F.H." monogram set sideways on the...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1940 item #1275070 (stock #2292f)
Old Friends
Tiffany produced a baby set comprised of at least a spoon, fork, knife, and food pusher that portrayed scenes from the nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence." One source identifies this as the "King and Queen" design.

This is the knife from that set, and is marked "Tiffany & Co.," "Stg." (for sterling), and "m," dating it 1907-47. The style suggests the 1920s or 30s.

It measures 5" long and weighs a relatively heavy .9 T. oz. which provides for a thick, sturdy piece. The scene is of ...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1274926 (stock #2291f)
Old Friends
Originally a retailer only and not a manufacturer, Tiffany relied upon a limited number of manufacturers to provide its store with silver flatware.

One of the favored suppliers was New York City's John Polhamus, who was the producer of this 7" long, heavy at 1.6 T. oz., dessert or place spoon.

The pattern is "Ionic," patented in 1860, as marked on the reverse. Other identifiers include "J.P.," "Tiffany & Co.," and "Sterling." Tiffany was early to require a sterling, rather than the the...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1274649 (stock #2289f)
Old Friends
One of a floral series produced by Reed & Barton, this teaspoon measures 5 5/8" long and weighs .7 T. oz. It features enamel pale yellow enameled rose on the handle end. This is subtly executed, with shading on the petals, and a pink blush center to the blossom. The green stem and leaves are likewise shaded and incorporate surface detail.

This was a presentation piece, presumably youth spoon, as it is inscribed in script on the reverse, "June 30th, 1892," and "James Fullerton Kellogg." O...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1274185 (stock #2286f)
Old Friends
At 4 3/8" long and weighing approximately .4 T. oz., this three tine lemon fork is an early example of Gorham's "Chantilly," marked on the backside "Pat. 1895," "lion, anchor, G," and "Sterling."

It is in mint condition and without a monogram or removal. The tines are free of burrs, nicks, or bends, there is no polishing wear, and the finish is lustrous.

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