American Coin and Sterling Silver Colonial through Art Nouveau
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1162592 (stock #1369f)
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Wendell's late 19th century "Ariel" features a cherubic-looking figure set against a dense, decorative background. It is highly reminiscent of Dominick & Haff's "Labors of Cupid," which it predates by five years, 1895 vs. 1900. This example is a 6 1/4" long, heavy, 1.7 T. oz. sauce ladle. The 1 3/4" diameter, 5/8" deep, bowl has flanged shoulders and a scalloped and patterned outer border. This is in immaculate condition and without a monogram or removal...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1162101 (stock #1365fb)
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A known but unnamed pattern by Durgin, this design is French Rococo in manner. It is highly detailed, featuring scrolls, acanthus leaves, florettes, and beading arranged asymmetrically on the handle. The pattern repeats with slight variation on the backside. This example is a 9 1/4" long, 3.8 T. oz., asparagus server. The shoulders of the serving end follow after the overall design with an added floral swag with bow. The crossbars joining the five tines are leafy scrolls...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1161264 (stock #1363fb)
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Gorham's Byzantine was an early, mid 1860's, pattern that had a double life. The pattern is as illustrated and has vaguely Moorish elements of tracery, scrolling, and even stylized papyrus. It was later appropriated to serve as the ground for Gorham's "Hound," which was this pattern with an applied cast hound literally screwed to the handle. This example is a large, 8 7/8" long, heavy, 3.0 T. oz., berry spoon. It has a ribbed bowl with notched edges and flanged shoulders...
All Items : Silver : Souvenir Spoons : Pre 1910 item #1159435 (stock #1350fl)
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It is a logical that a West Coast firm would turn its eye toward Hawaii for souvenir spoon themes, and that is the case with this piece produced by Joseph Mayer & Brothers of Seattle, Washington. It features a full-body, frontal portraiture of "Kamehameha," the legendary king who consolidated the kingdom of Hawaii in 1810. It measures 4 1/4" long and is relatively heavy, weighing nearly .5 T. oz...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1158888 (stock #1344f)
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An early 20th century design, Whiting's Madam Jumel features a raised wreath with a trailing ribbon and leaf drop on a plain ground with square shoulders. This example is a 5 1/2" long, just over 1.0 T. oz., sauce ladle with a satin matte gold wash, front and back sides, bowl. The front of the handle also has a satin finish. It is in close to unused condition, having no damage and showing no evident wear. Marks are the Whiting emblem and the word "Sterling."
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1158736 (stock #1343fl)
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Towle produced a number of artful engraved designs in the 1880's known only by numbers. This gravy ladle is "63" in that series. It is large, 7 3/4" long, and relatively heavy, weighing just over 1.8 T. oz. The handle is blunt-end, while the bowl is singular in design. It has scalloped shoulders with double coffered walls. The interior has a bronze gold wash. The entire front of the piece, and the backside of the bowl, have a soft matte finish that gives the surfaces a frosted look...
All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1158198 (stock #1335f)
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Gorham's "Imperial" is a mid 19th century design that is rarely ever marked. This 4 11/16" long, relatively heavy .4 T. oz., coffee spoon, however, is stamped "Coin." Wood & Hughes had a counterpart design that seems always to have been marked "WwH." The patterns so closely parallel each other that they are nearly indistinguishable unless set alongside one another. The design has leafy elements that are reminiscent of "Olive," but overall "Imperial" is more complex...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1158059 (stock #1334mt)
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A combination of Moresque and Egyptian Revival elements, Knowles' "Webster" is an elaborate design dating from 1882. This example is a 7 3/8" long, approximately 1.1 T. oz., master butter knife. There is an Old English "A" monogram on the handle, and Aesthetic style engraving on the blade. The condition is flawless. There is very slight overall polishing softening, otherwise the piece shows no signs of use. Marks are the Knowles emblem, "Sterling," "Pat-82," the number "2," and the name of ...
All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Southern : Pre 1900 item #1157008 (stock #1328kc)
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This 8 3/4" long, weighty, near 1.8 T. oz., coin silver tablespoon is stamped "W.R. Evans." His dates are c. 1844-1860 and he worked first in Cincinnati and then across the Ohio River in Covington, Kentucky. It has the broad, rounded, tipt end and high shoulders typical of the lower Ohio River Valley and areas south. There is a feathered script "MER" monogram on the front. It is in very good condition. The bowl is well-shaped and free of tip wear, but with a slight bit of pinpricking in the...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1156412 (stock #1322f)
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This Art Nouveau "Iris" or "Orchid" pattern by Shiebler is not a full line design and may have only been produced in this form, which is a bon bon or nut spoon. It measures 4 7/8" long and is somewhat light, weighing under .5 T. oz. The design is particularly expressive, as would be expected of a Shiebler offering. The iris blossom is incorporated into the bowl, with the piercings defined by the margins of the petals. The bowl border is festooned with what appear to be ribbons. This had an ...
All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces : Pre 1900 item #1156060 (stock #1319fw)
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This coin silver master butter knife is stamped "W.H. Elliott" for the Manchester, New Hampshire retailer whose dates were 1848-94. The form of the piece and the fact that it is coin (and so marked), dates it to the early years of the firm, c. 1860. It is a large, 7 3/4" long, moderate weight, 1.1 T. oz., master butter knife. It has a sculpted handle and blade, both with flat surfaces, but with the hand raised up from the blade, and both extensively engraved in a period style. The backside i...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1155908 (stock #1316fb)
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Whiting's "Alhambra" is a Moorish design dating from 1880 and draws from the same stylistic impulses as that company's "Arabesque." This is a rare form, long-handle pickle fork. In addition to the exceptional length, 9 3/8", it has a twist stem that constitutes about two-thirds of the run of the handle. The fork tip has three tines, the outer two of which are splayed and hooked. This is finished in a gold wash which also runs about an inch up the stem. The piece is fully original, without a...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1155631 (stock #1312fr)
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Stamped with the Gorham lion, anchor, G, "Pat. 71," and "Sterling," this 5 5/8" long, 1.0 T. oz., cream ladle is a fine period piece. The pattern is Corinthian, which falls generally in a Moresque style with, as implied by the name, a nod toward classical Greek design. The piece is a form commonly referred to as a "bucket ladle." The term derives from the shape of the bowl which is this case is 7/8" deep and 1 1/2" across at the top. The sidewalls are tapered and the interior is finished in ...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1155174 (stock #1307fb)
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"La Reine" is a late 19th century, high relief, asymmetrical scroll design produced by Beed & Barton. It is a heavy line as evidenced by the nearly 1.2 T. oz. weight of this 6" long sugar spoon. Attractive in its own right, with a decorative, embellished, matte finish, three-lobe bowl, this has added appeal in that it was a 25th anniversary presentation item, presumably wedding. The interior of the bowl is inscribed "1869 Hurlbert 1894" in exceptionally fine lettering. It is in perfect condi...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1155029 (stock #1306fb)
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"Undine" references a water nymph whose name has been attached to works of literature, art, music, ships, and popular culture. Wood & Hughes used it in the 19th century for a line of silver.

The design is singular, comprising an asymmetrical leaf and floral motif with scrolling edges that, given the associations in the name, might be inspired by waves. It is a highly textured and intricately worked pattern. The background has a stippled surface that, again prompted by the name, might be ...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1154559 (stock #1300fb)
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This silver bon bon or nut spoon measures 5 3/8" long and weighs .5 T. oz. The pattern is "Poppy" by Baker-Manchester. Poppy is an early 20th century, Art Nouveau design of considerable appeal. This has a three section bowl with a scalloped edge, flanged rim. This is in exceptionally fine condition, showing no wear or damage, and having a fine finish. Marks are the Baker-Manchester "M" flanged by birds, and the word "Sterling."
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1153943 (stock #1296fb)
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Sometimes referenced as fried chicken tongs, but suitable for a variety of purposes where scale is called for, this serving piece is as large as such items get. It is 10 1/2" long and weighs a hefty 7.0 T. oz. Each arm is an engraved Old English Tipt style. The engraving carries over the arch and has something of a Gothic manner to it. That would be appropriate to the c. 1865 date of the piece. The top of the arch is monogrammed "J.C.P." in O.E. lettering. One of the grips is spoon form wh...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1153734 (stock #1291fb)
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Gorham's 1885 "Old Masters" was a stand out line of figural pieces featuring an array of European artistic notables. This example is a 5 3/8" long cream or sauce ladle. It is heavy, weighing 1.5 T. oz., largely related to its substantial, three dimensional, cast handle. The imagery is sculptural in quality and has detailed design elements that are finely rendered. The figures in this series are identified on the backsides, and in this instance the portraiture is of "Peter Vischer" who was a ...
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