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All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1242527 (stock #2004f)
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Gorham produced pie servers with both hollow and solid silver handles. The earliest hollow handle examples had silverplate blades, while later examples were made with stainless blades. This example is the very oldest, original form, and is all silver.

It measures 9 1/8" long and weighs a robust 2.9 T. oz. The blade itself is generously proportioned at 4 3/4" long and 2 3/4" at the widest, has flanged shoulders and slightly raised edges that lead to a flat, pointed, tip...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1242297 (stock #2002mt)
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Measuring 8 5/8" long and weighing 2.0 T. oz., this serving spoon is marked "WwH" for New York's 19th century firm Wood & Hughes, and "Sterling." It has a large, 3 1/2", rather narrow, 2 1/8" at the widest, tapered bowl with dramatic domed shoulders. This retains a portion of an original gold wash finish on the backside, and traces of gold on the front. Peculiar to Wood & Hughes, this bowl form was primarily employed on that company's "Angelo" pattern...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1980 item #1242214 (stock #2001f)
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Solid silver, fully original and completely hand made, this punch ladle bears the unicorn mark of Geoffrey Blake who is a contemporary master smith producing for Old Newbury Crafters silver.

Sources list Blake as starting his association with ONC in 1971. In-depth, illustrated, online articles about him, the company, and the production of hand worked silver are available on the sites "" and "" A google search will turn up other links...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1242055 (stock #2000mt)
Old Friends
Also known as "Monroe," Wendt's "Arabesque" is a Moresque design that dates from 1870.

This example is a large, 7 7/8" long, heavy at approximately 1.5 T. oz., master butter knife. The large blade has a scalloped upper edge and sweeping lower edge and is set at a ninety degree right angle to the handle. It has a delicate script "HAS" monogram on the front of the handle, and the charming inscription "from Mother" engraved on the backside.

It is in choice condition...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1241975 (stock #1999mt)
Old Friends
Gorham produced a serving piece in its late 19th century "Marie Antoinette" that does not have parallels with other forms in the line, or apparently other patterns.

This example of the form is 5 3/4" long and weighs approximately 1.2 T. oz. It has elements that suggest it could be a ladle, spoon, or even a scoop. While other serving pieces in "Marie Antoinette" have plain bowls with a central vee, this has a 2" diameter, 5/8" deep, round bowl, with the handle set on the horizontal to it...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1241720 (stock #1997f)
Old Friends
This set of eight, matched, teaspoons in Gorham's "Old Medici" are early items, stamped with a "lion, anchor, G," "Sterling," and the word "Copyrighted."

Each one measures 5 11/16" long. They are hefty, with the group weighing 7.5 T. oz.

"Old Medici" is a dense, figural design that is subject to polishing wear. These retain all the intricacy of their original production, showing only minimal evidence of use...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : 18th and Early 19th Century : Pre 1837 VR item #1241612 (stock #1996f)
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Born late in the 18th century in Windsor, Connecticut, Guy Loomis, the maker of this large, 9 1/8" long, heavy, 1.9 T. oz., table or serving spoon, established himself as a silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker in the small town of Sheffield, Massachusetts, located in the Berkshires. He is recorded as moving to Erie, Pennsylvania, where he died in 1874.

Based on its form and the mark, this piece was made early in Loomis' career. It is a finely made example in outstanding condition...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1910 item #1241473 (stock #1995f)
Old Friends
A popular and enduring pattern, Kirk's "Repousse" was produced in an array of holloware matching its flatware line...
All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1910 item #1241379 (stock #1994f)
Old Friends
Dating from the first decade of the 20th century, "Adam" invokes neoclassical design elements offered in an Arts & Crafts manner, which is a style for which Shreve & Co. of San Francisco was known. Otherwise plain and architectural in form, it incorporates a raised urn with floral sways set above a cartouche, which in this case is engraved with an "S" monogram.

This example is a 7" long, heavy at 1.7 T. oz., dessert or place spoon. It is in very fine estate condition. There is no visible ...

All Items : Silver : Plate : Pre 1900 item #1241136 (stock #1992f)
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Measuring 14" long by 10" wide by 7 1/2" high to the top of the handle, this is an intermediate sized meat dome. It would be large enough to cover a game bird, capon, or beef roast, but not a large turkey.

Unmarked except for the number "14" stamped on the underside of the detachable handle, it is likely English in origin and 19th century.

It has a 1 3/4" wide, ogee shaped, molded border around the lower rim. This decorative element was popular in the Empire period and may suggest a cl...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Pre 1837 VR item #1241055 (stock #1991f)
Old Friends
Multiple sources identify a single Edward Shaw as a Philadelphia silversmith, but none of them offers a mark.

Brix lists his dates 1825-30, which would be consistent with the style of this 8 3/8" long, nearly 1.3 T. oz., tablespoon stamped "E. Shaw" in a hatched cartouche. This would seem to provide a conclusive attribution. Catherine Hollan's publication "Philadelphia Silversmiths" is the most recent entry about Philadelphia silver and she indicates the 1850 and 1860 censuses located Shaw...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1900 item #1240837 (stock #1989f)
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Stamped "Warner" and "11-2" on the underside, this footed bowl traces to Baltimore and dates somewhere in the last third of the 19th century. "11-2" is one of several idiosyncratic Baltimore standard marks, which in this case indicates a silver content marginally higher than sterling.

Andrew Ellicott Warner, and his son of the same name who made this piece, stand forward as one of the most prominent names in silversmithing in a city known for that trade, and the basis for their high reputat...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Flatware : Pre 1837 VR item #1240731 (stock #1988f)
Old Friends
Thomas Carson's dates are 1785-1868, with his working years beginning in 1810, and a partnership with Green Hall in place 1814-19, this all situated in Albany, New York.

Marked "Carson & Hall," with the "Hall" rubbed, and given the above dates, this 5 5/8" long, just over .4 T. oz., coin silver teaspoon traces to early in his career.

It has a script "BP" monogram set sideways on the rounded end handle. The shoulders off the bowls are high and slight. The backside of the bowl has a fain...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1800 item #1240616 (stock #1987f)
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Stamped "W pellet W," this 5 1/4" long, approximately .4 T. oz., tea or coffee spoon was made by London silversmith William Williams II. It is also marked with a lion and a duty marked used only from July 1797 to May 1798.

It is fully period in style, with a down turned, reverse tipt end. The front is deeply diamond cut with wriggle work and lined detailing. There is a script "RL" monogram in the reserve. It has high, pointed, shoulders off the bowl, which is perhaps atypical.

The co...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces : Pre 1900 item #1240111 (stock #1985f)
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Marked "N. Harding & Co." for the prominent Boston and Haverhill, Massachusetts silversmith, this coin silver spoon measures 6 3/8" long and weighs .8 T. oz. It feels more substantial than the weight would indicate.

Suggested dates for this mark are 1851-59, and the "Fiddle Tipt" design would imply the early end of that range. It may be a large sugar or small preserve spoon. There is a feathered script "EGE" monogram on the backside of the handle.

For the most part, this is not to be ...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Hollowware : Pre 1930 item #1239829 (stock #1983f)
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This candy dish measures 6" in diameter rim to rim and 8 1/4" handle tip to handle tip. It stands 1 1/2" tall to the top edge and 2 1/8" to the highest points of the handles. The weight is 4.7 T. oz.

It is stamped "International" along with the Simpson, Hall, Miller emblem on the underside. Other marks include "Sterling," "B33A," "Patented" and "Wedgwood" for the pattern name.

The design replicates that on the flatware of the same name and is embellished with additional classical elem...

All Items : Silver : Coin Silver : Serving Pieces : Pre 1900 item #1239702 (stock #1981f)
Old Friends
This 6" long, approximately .7 T. oz., c. 1850, coin silver cream or sauce ladle has a double provenance. It is stamped "T.P. Kibbe" for Thompson Prior, the Johnstown, New York silversmith and retailer. It also carries the three part "D, eagle, bust," pseudo hallmark of Hall, Hewson, and Brower of Albany, NY.

It is a clean piece, with a brilliant, naturally patinated finish. The down-turned end has a tipt backside and there is a large, script "S. Leach" monogram on the front.

Apart fr...

All Items : Silver : Sterling : Flatware : Pre 1900 item #1239560 (stock #1980f)
Old Friends
Dating from the late 19th century, International's "Cambridge" is a beaded pattern with a lined margin leading to a scrolled top.

This example is an 8 3/4" long, 1.0 T. oz., delicately proportioned, lettuce fork.

The serving end has three tines with trident ends. The heel is decorated with scroll and bead elements that echo the main pattern, and there are two round piercings that provide added embellishment. There are slight traces of an original gold wash remaining.

It is in flawle...

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