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Heavy, Large Bright Cut c. 1870 Boston Tongs

Heavy, Large Bright Cut c. 1870 Boston Tongs
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This pair of tongs are substantial. The measure 5 3/4" long, are 1 1/4" wide at the arch, and weigh 1.8 T. oz. The style is without question Boston from the third quarter of the 19th century. This origin and date is confirmed by the retailer's stamp, "Crosby, Morse & Foss," a partnership which dates narrowly from 1869 to 1875. They are also marked "925" for sterling, but less than ten years earlier they would have been to a coin silver standard, which many pieces in this genre are. The arms have angular shoulders, and that angularity is picked up in the triangulated engraving and deep, zigzag border work. The grips are talon form and well-articulated. There is an elegantly rendered "HEA" feathered script on the arch. The staunchness of the piece, the heft, the somewhat severe but precisely rendered bright-cutting, all bespeak the origins of the piece and the tastes of the region at the time. This is without damage and has a brilliant finish. The exceptionally fine condition and extra element of refinement and design sensibility this possesses make it an exceptional example in its category.

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