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Internat'l "Cleone" Master Butter Knife & Sugar Spoon

Internat'l "Cleone" Master Butter Knife & Sugar Spoon
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$ 145 knife, $ 135 spoon

The Simpson, Hall, Miller division of International silver was responsible for some of the most successful Art Nouveau patterns of the parent company. The most well known was "Frontenac." Others include "Cleone," which is the pattern on this master butter knife and sugar spoon.

It is a dramatic design, featuring a bearded male figure set amid an array of pond lilies and lily pads. Online references identify Cleone as the mythological daughter of a water god, so presumably the figure on this is that water god, i.e. Cleone's father. The design elements are opulently portrayed, and tumble onto the blade of the knife and the bowl of the spoon.

This pattern is not readily found, and to locate examples in this fine condition is yet more unusual.

The solid sterling silver knife measures 7 1/4" long and weighs 1.6+ T. oz. It has a flowing script "CRF" monogram. The sterling spoon is 6 1/8" long, weighs 1.5+ T. oz., and has a similar flowing script "EFF" monogram.

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