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Charles Hall, Lancaster, Pa, 18th C. Coin Silver Spoon

Charles Hall, Lancaster, Pa, 18th C. Coin Silver Spoon
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In her work, "Silversmiths of Lancaster, Pennsylvannia, 1730-1850," Vivian Gerstell describes Charles Hall (1742-1783) as a "prominent citizen as well as silversmith." She further remarks that he "played a prominent role in Lancaster during the Revolution. In 1774, he was a member of the Committee of Correspondence and of the Committee of Observation."

This modest, and rather primitive looking, small spoon bears his identified "C. Hall" on the reverse, along with a second mark which is illegible.

Measuring 5 3/8" long, and weighing a relatively heavy .8 T. oz. (23 grams), and with the handle and the bowl set completely on the horizontal, it most seems to resemble a mustard spoon. The round bowl, however, has numerous pinprick nicks in the surface that may be teeth marks, implying it could have been used as a child's spoon. The backside has a pronounced drop and a line or two that could indicate it once had an image, but if so, that is completely worn away. The handle is thick and has slightly beveled edges where it joins the bowl.

The item has clearly been heavily used and shows resultant wear, but the basic form is intact, and the signs of use seem only to add to its sense of antiquity. The unusual form, its historicity, and the provenance of the maker all combine to set this piece apart as a significant artifact.

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