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Mermod, Jaccard "St. Louis" Sterling Souvenir Spoon

Mermod, Jaccard "St. Louis" Sterling Souvenir Spoon
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Portraying a bust on the handle and a mounted image for the French King and Roman Catholic Saint for whom the City of Saint Louis was named, this spoon was retailed by that city's premier jeweler, "Mermod-Jaccard & King Co." (1905 forward), as marked on the reverse, along with the word "Sterling."

This is a superbly crafted item. The imagery portrays a youthful king wearing a crown and with his shoulders draped in a clasped cloak. His look is wistful, suggesting his eyes are set on a future for which he has a vision.

The armored figure in the bowl is set astride a horse with a shield to his side and his upheld right hand grasping a sword. The horse is fully adorned with all the regalia associated with a crusader.

The word "St. Louis" appears in three places, two on the handle and one in the bowl. Floral imagery includes two fleur-de-lis, a rose blossom, and a lily. The backside is plain save for an Art Nouveau style "FHK" monogram.

The condition is absolutely mint. The slightly matte surface of the front is flawless, absent any sign of wear. The backside of the bowl has a polished surface while the handle reverse is more muted, and like the front, there are no signs of use.

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