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Gorham Hollow Handle Sterling Silver Pie Server

Gorham Hollow Handle Sterling Silver Pie Server
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One of at least three, kindred, hollow handled patterns that Gorham produced in a limited number of serving pieces, this design is unnamed. A similar square or diamond design goes by the name "Hindoo."

This 9 1/2" long, just over 3.0 T. oz., pie server is a show piece. It is all sterling silver, with as mentioned, a flattened oval shaped, hollow handle. This is joined to a narrow, solid shank, while the large blade is thick and has sculpted shoulders that have a double banded reinforcing edge on the backside. The handle is also banded in two places that suggest strapping, and banded in other places that are patterned. There are Eastern influences evident in much of this work suggesting it draws from the Aesthetic taste.

The entire surface of the blade has a satin matte finish and is intricately bright cut in exceptionally fine detail. The handle is also similarly engraved in part, with the lower half possessing a matte finish, and the upper half a polishing surface. There is an Old English "J.H." monogram.

The condition is outstanding. There is no evident polishing wear, with the engraving retaining all its sharp edges. The blade is flat and even, free of bends, burrs, or nicks. The end of the handle has slight surface scratches and some nearly imperceptible dimpling.

Marks are Gorham's lion, anchor, G, and "Sterling," both stamped on the backside tip of the blade.

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