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Jeffrey Brackett "Tipt" Coin Silver Master Butter Knife

Jeffrey Brackett "Tipt" Coin Silver Master Butter Knife
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$ 60

Unusually proportioned, this elongated coin silver master butter knife measures a full 8" long overall and weighs a substantial 1.4 T. oz. The flat, blunt end blade comprises 3" of this length, while the slender handle with a rounded, tipt end, comprises 5". There is a stylish, well-formed, script "LB" engraved on the front of the gently arched handle.

The maker's stamp is "Jeffrey R. Brackett," along with the word "Boston." Brackett is well documented, identified as working as a silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker, both alone and in partnerships. This likely dates to the years 1835-48 when he was listed in directories under his own name on 69 Washington in downtown Boston.

The condition is outstanding. The blade is flat, even, and free of nicks. The monogram remains crisp, i.e. free of polishing wear, and the overall finish is nicely patinated.

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