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Old Dominick & Haff "Louis XIV" Sterling Jelly Knife

Old Dominick & Haff "Louis XIV" Sterling Jelly Knife
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Dominick & Haff produced two patterns under the name "Louis XIV," the one preceding the other by 25 years. This item is the earlier iteration, dating from 1888, and commonly referred to as "Old Style." The design is rococo, incorporating scrolling, acanthus leaves, florets, and a cluster leaves and small berries.

It is a 7 7/8" long jelly knife or server. D&H tended toward weighty pieces, and that is decidedly the case with this which tops out at nearly 2.4 T. oz. This extravagant use of metal results in a thick (1/8", see image) shank and a blade that is nearly immune to bending. The lower edge of the blade is beveled while the upper edge has scroll detailing. It is without a monogram or removal.

The condition is mint estate. The pattern remains crisp and sharply defined. The blade is flawless, free of burrs or nicks. The hand polished only finish is naturally brilliant.

Marks are the D&H emblem, "Sterling," and the name of the retailer, Boston's "Bigelow, Kennard & Co."

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