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Dominick & Haff "Renaissance" Sterling & Enamel Teaspoon

Dominick & Haff "Renaissance" Sterling & Enamel Teaspoon
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No doubt responding to the late 19th century emergence of European enamel work as high fashion art, American silver manufacturers began to adorn examples their products with enamel detailing.

New York's Dominick & Haff seemed to favor its "Renaissance" pattern for this purpose, as this 6" long, just over .8 T. oz., teaspoon illustrates.

The design is intricate enough to accommodate enamel highlights as well as provide the necessary grid for the material to adhere to. (Enamel and silver do not readily bind, which awareness manufacturers apparently came to quickly as the time span for this style was short-lived.)

Enameling on silver appears in many colors. In this instance, the palette is pale greens, yellows, and ivories with the entire surface otherwise finished in a gold wash which unifies the related tones.

This is in very fine condition. As suggested, these pieces tend to be subject to loss of enamel. The work on this seems to be intact with the exceptional of one not so readily evident spot in the center point of the handle front. There is no polishing wear, the bowl remains well-shaped, and the gold finish is intact.

Marks are Dominick & Haff's three part emblem, "Sterling," and "Pat-d. 94."

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