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Gorham "Rampant Lion" No. 610 Sterling Silver Confection Spoon

Gorham "Rampant Lion" No. 610 Sterling Silver Confection Spoon
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A numbered design, specifically "610," rather than a standard line pattern, this 7 1/4" long, 1.5 T. oz., confection (see image three for 1892 catalogue image and identification) spoon, was executed to a standard far above typical production items.

It has regal iconography.

The tip of the handle has a rampant, i.e. standing, lion, set atop a columnar handle. The lower section of the handle, just above the join with the bowl, features a stately looking, classical female figure draped in flowing robes.

The bowl is fig-shaped, and imprinted in the center with a floral cluster. The lower portion of this area terminates with a shell form bordered by what appear to be the scrolled edges of a manuscript. The margins of the bowl have a bright finish, while the interior has a matte surface.

The entire piece has an overall gold washed surface.

Much if not all of this item is cast rather than die struck, which is the technique used for most silver flatware. Casting provides for detail that could not be achieved otherwise, and it adds dimensionality, which particularly shows in the lion figure.

It is in impeccable condition and it appears it may never have been used. It likely was treated as an item to be admired rather than utilized.

Marks are Gorham's "lion, anchor, G" emblem, "Sterling," and "610," all imprinted on the backside.

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