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Two Joseph Seymour "Leaf" Coin Silver Tea Knives

Two Joseph Seymour "Leaf" Coin Silver Tea Knives
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$75.00 Priced as a Pair.

Each of these two, flat handle, solid silver, tea or dessert knives measures 7 1/4" long, with the pair weighing just under 2.6 T. oz.

Made of coin silver and dating from about 1860, they are marked on the blades with a "bust" and "JS & Co" for Joseph Seymour of Syracuse, New York.

These are a matched pair in all aspects, except for the inscriptions on them. One is engraved "Marion." in Old English lettering, while the other reads "Daniel" in script on one side, and "F.D.G." in a fancy Old English on the other. Whether husband and wife, or brother and sister, these two persons remain joined in memory as long as this pair travel together in time.

The pattern is a draping "Leaf" with one hanging bud that may be "Fuschia," which is consistent with the leaf form. The same design appears on both the front and back sides of the pieces.

They are in very good condition. There is some slight softening of detail from polishing, but they still retain clear definition. The blades remain flat, even, and without bends. There are surface scratches, with some deeper ones on one area of one blade, and there is a bit of burring on the tips. The finishes have a rich patina.

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