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L. Le Gross "Tipt End" Coin Silver Dessert Spoon

L. Le Gross "Tipt End" Coin Silver Dessert Spoon
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Measuring 7 3/8" long and weighing just over .9 T. oz., this c. 1835 "Tipt" coin silver dessert or place spoon is marked "L. Le Gross."

Identification for this, presumably, retailer is elusive, but other pieces with the same name bear the pseudo hallmark of silversmith Richard Huntington of Utica, so this likely places Le Gross in central New York.

It is a well-formed item, with a broad end, and high, rounded shoulders off the somewhat elongated, pointed tip bowl.

What particularly distinguishes this piece is the large, endearing inscription on the handle. It reads in feathered script, "Mrs. T. B. from W. C. A. S."

This raises the question of whether this offering represented a token of friendship, a gift from an admirer, or perhaps an embodiment of polite, Victorian affection seeking an entree. The mystery will likely go forever unsolved, but it does imbue this item with an element of the romantic, and perhaps could provide a touch point for something like a yet unwritten novel.

This is in very good condition. The overall form is free of bends or damage, and the finish has an even patina. The engraving remains crisp and well-defined. The bowl is well-shaped and free of tip wear. The interior shows some shallow pebbling and one lengthy, noticeable, scratch.

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