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Gorham "Fontainebleau" Sterling Silver Youth Fork

Gorham "Fontainebleau" Sterling Silver Youth Fork
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A highly trumpeted design at the time of its introduction in 1880, Gorham's figural "Fontainebleau" quickly established itself as one of the company's foremost patterns, and it remains so today.

This example is a 6" long, just under .9 T. oz., youth fork. It is an early example, stamped with Gorham's "lion, anchor, G" emblem, "Sterling," and the word "Copyrighted" set on the edge of the handle.

Its age is further evidenced by the inscription on the reverse, which reads in fine script lettering, "Wilson Parsons, Jany 7. 1884."

It is in excellent condition. Detail remains well-defined, free of the polishing wear that frequently blurs this low relief pattern. Tines are straight and even, showing minimal tip wear. There are two knife nicks on the outer edge of one tine. The finish is even and warm.

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