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Kerr Art Nouveau Floral Sterling Silver Match Safe

Kerr Art Nouveau Floral Sterling Silver Match Safe
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Item number "1196," as imprinted on the inside lip, along with the word "Sterling" and the mace emblem for Newark, New Jersey's William B. Kerr, this match safe, aka vesta, measures 2 1/4" by 1 1/2" by 3/8" and weighs .9 T. oz.

The company was known for its outstanding Art Nouveau designs in both silver and jewelry, and this follows in that mode. The motif incorporates flanking violet blossoms embossed on front and back sides of the lid, with trailing, wispy leaves framing central reserve areas on the body.

The front is inscribed in this area with an "RPW" in a sinuous script that complements the overall design, while the backside is engraved "Nov. 11, 1903."

The interior is finished in an intact gold wash.

It is in immaculate estate condition. It is free of dents, splits, or polishing wear, save for two small nicks on a sidewall, and there is a warm finish. The strike area on the bottom is even and free of pinholes or bends. The lid fits snugly and has a fully functioning closing mechanism that is free of play.

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