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Set 8 Hovey, Parker & Co., Manchester NH, "Fiddle Tipt" Coin Teaspoons

Set 8 Hovey, Parker & Co., Manchester NH, "Fiddle Tipt" Coin Teaspoons
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$100.00 Price for the set of 8.

A "Fiddle Tipt" design typical of their early 1850s period, these eight teaspoons might at first seem undistinguished from the substantial inventory of such pieces that still exists.

These 5 7/8" long, 3.9 T. oz. the set, spoons are exceptional, however, in several regards.

One is that they are an original matching set, with each piece monogrammed in a fancy script "M.H." placed sideways on the handle.

Secondly, they are extraordinarily well-crafted. The bowls are elegantly shaped, slightly elongated and with finely honed points. The shoulders off the bowls are high, rounded, and evenly beveled, while the tipt handle ends are sharply defined and gracefully formed.

Lastly, the condition is essentially the same as when offered by Manchester, New Hampshire retailer "Hovey, Parker & Co.," (1850-52) whose name is imprinted on the backside of each piece. They are without any signs of wear, have brilliant finishes, and the engraving remains crisp.

A pair of matching, 8 3/4" long, tablespoons are also available. They are identical in all ways to the teaspoons, save they are engraved with the name "M. Hawkins" rather than just the initials "M.W."

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