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Whiting "Lily of the Valley" Sterling Silver Pickle Fork and Knife Set

Whiting "Lily of the Valley" Sterling Silver Pickle Fork and Knife Set
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$110.00 Price for the pair.

A course during a Victorian era meal, pickles evolved their own complementary forks and knives, often bought bought as a boxed presentation set.

This matched pair in Whiting's "Lily of the Valley," introduced in 1885. It immediately established itself as an outstanding pattern, and has remained sought after ever since.

Sculptural in nature, it features a raised stalk of blossoms enveloped by leaves, which form the margins of the handle. The ground behind the blossoms is lined, again representative of the leaves, and this also serves as an enhancing design element.

The fork measures 6 3/8" long and weighs just under 1.0 T. oz., while the knife is 7 1/4", and approximately 1.2 T. oz.

Pickle forks are similar to pastry forks and the knives similar to master butters, and often all but indistinguishable from these other forms.

These two pieces were both retailed by Boston's "A. Stowell," as marked on the reverses, along with the Whiting emblem and the word "Sterling." The fork is imprinted with the number "1" and the knife with "16."

They are without a monogram or removal and in choice estate condition. Pattern detail remains well-defined, free of polishing wear. The tines on the fork are straight and even and the knife blade is without bends or burrs. Apart from light surface scratches consistent with age, most evident on the knife blade, there are no other signs of use. The finishes are warm and even.

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