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International "Cleone" Large Sterling Silver Cold Meat Fork

International "Cleone" Large Sterling Silver Cold Meat Fork
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Named for an ancient Greek water nymph, i.e. naiad, International's "Cleone" is one of the most expressive patterns that company produced .

Dating from 1900, it is figural and naturalistic both. The end of the handle portrays what appears to be a bearded lion, whose cheeks are pond lilies. Elements of the beard fuse into tendrils, accented by an additional blossom and leaves, that trail along the upper margins of the handle of this 8 7/8" long, heavy, 3.2 plus T. oz., large cold meat fork.

The backside design utilizes the same design elements as the front, and is fully as elaborate, save it is absent the lion figure.

The design is clearly influenced by the Art Nouveau style popular in the period, with the pond lily motif virtually exploding onto the serving end of the fork (see image 2). Blossoms, leaves, and more tendrils adorn the entire heel surface, and extend down the edges of the two outer tines.

The serving end also retains portions of an original gold wash, front and back sides.

Without a monogram or removal, the piece is in mint estate condition. Pattern detail remains sharp and well-defined. The tines are straight and even, free of bends, nicks, or burrs. The finish is bright and warm.

Marks are the Simpson, Hall, Miller "S in a helmet" division of International emblem, and the word "Sterling."

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