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Shiebler "Wire Knot" Sterling Silver & Steel Button Hook

Shiebler "Wire Knot" Sterling Silver & Steel Button Hook
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As is so much the mark of George Shiebler's work, this late 19th century, 5 1/2" long, button hook reflects imaginative and innovative design characteristics.

The handle, about half the overall length, is sterling silver, so marked, along with Shiebler's "winged S" emblem and the model number "5264," while the lower portion with the actual "hook" that defines the piece, is plated steel.

The silver portion is comprised of a central rod wrapped by two strands of heavy wire that encircle the shaft and entwine at the end in a double knot.

The steel portion has a turned profile where it joins the handle, while the rest is tapered along its length clear to the tip.

This is in excellent condition. There are no breaks, bends, or cracks in the handle, and the soft, gray, finish is warm and even. The steel has lost some of its plating and is slightly rough in those areas, but is free of rust, bends, or other noteworthy damage.

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