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Durgin "Spray" Pure Coin Silver Engraved Blade Pie Server

Durgin "Spray" Pure Coin Silver Engraved Blade Pie Server
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One of William B. Durgin's earliest patterns, dating circa 1865, and not formally named but commonly called "Spray, this design features a bouquet of woodland flowers and grasses tied by a bow.

This motif appears in the top center of the handle, and is repeated on the lower front at the join with the blade and on the backside heel.

This example is a 9" long, 2.1 T. oz., pie or pastry server. The pointed blade measures 4 1/2" long, 2 3/4" at the widest, and has a cupped heel and flange edges.

Its surface is a testament to the art of engraving (see image 2). Finely rendered, it features a repeating leaf and vine motif, a single blossom (possibly sunflower) at the tip, two open ovals, and a banner reserve with a classical scroll design below it that suggests a pediment.

The backside of the blade has an elegant feathered script monogram that appears to be "BIN."

It is in superb condition, showing no polishing wear or damage, and having a bright, even, finish. The engraving remains crisp and well-defined.

First produced in both coin and subsequently in sterling silver, and sometimes appearing with a manufacturer's mark and sometimes not, this is an old example marked "Pure Coin," which is a New England term, "Pat. Apd. For," and with the name of the retailer, "G.W. Dearing & Co.," Boston.

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