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Dominick & Haff Art Nouveau "Tulip" Sterling Silver Large Open Bowl

Dominick & Haff Art Nouveau "Tulip" Sterling Silver Large Open Bowl
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Made by Dominick & Haff, whose three part emblem including the date 1901 is imprinted on the underside, along with "Sterling" and model number "1734," this large, oval, flat bottom, 12" x 8 1/2" x 1 3/4" tall, 13.0 T. oz., bowl was retailed by Philadelphia's "J.E. Caldwell & Co.," whose name also appears with the other marks.

Fully in the Art Nouveau style, the undulating rim is decorated with four tulip blossoms, one each at the extremities, all joined by trailing leaves and accented with buds.

There are two flowing script engravings, one at each of the long ends. One reads "ESP" over "1904," while the other is "CPB" over "1937."

Obviously the piece was passed on, notated by the endearing monograms, and one wonders if the last "P" in the first triplet relates to the middle "P" in the second.

This is in exceptionally fine condition, having been spared the kind of wear indicators such holloware frequently exhibits. There are no dents or bends and the base remains smooth. There are several minor, not readily evident, dimples. The finish is lustrous and smooth, showing only a few dull spots in the bottom where tarnish was (hand) polished away.

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