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Shiebler "Homeric" aka "Etruscan" Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Cuff I

Shiebler "Homeric" aka "Etruscan" Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Cuff I
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George Shiebler's exotic design that features heads of classical figures superimposed upon a hammered ground is identified with equal frequency as "Etruscan" or "Homeric."

In some instances, the heads are gold, and that is the case with this oval 2 5/8" by 2 3/8", just over .8 T. oz., cuff bracelet. It has an overlapping area, so is expandable beyond this size.

The gold appears to be a thin overlay rather than a separate cast and applied piece, although the figures are nonetheless set in high relief and exhibit intricate detail.

The band is 3/8" wide, has irregular edges, and incorporates five figures, three male and two female.

The overall surface is hammered, which as noted above is typical of the line, and has notches and is impressed with idiosyncratic symbols. It retains a portion of a pale yellow gold finish that contrasts with the deep gold of the figures.

It is engraved on the interior, "Aug. 5-1907," which dates about twenty years after the manufacture of the piece itself.

This is an estate item and was paired with a smaller, open, cuff with the same model number and three figures rather than five (see item 3705dd).

It is in very good condition, without bends, scuffs, or scratches and has a bright finish.

Marks are Shiebler's "winged S" emblem, "Sterling - &14K," and model number "790X."

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