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Baltimore circa 1830 10.15 Standard Silver Tongs attrib. A.E. Warner

Baltimore circa 1830 10.15 Standard Silver Tongs attrib. A.E. Warner
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This 6" long, 1.3 T. oz., pair of coin silver tongs trace to Baltimore with an approximate 1830 date.

This information can be inferred from the marks, which are singular to Baltimore, and appear in an unusual combination on this particular item.

They include two "10.15" (coin) silver designations, one in italics, and the "head of liberty," used in conjunction with Baltimore assay marks beginning in 1815.

An essay in Maryland Silver published by the Baltimore Museum of Art addresses this configuration, stating,

"It is interesting that the Head of Liberty mark in conjunction with the maker's mark and a numerical quality mark has been found on post Assay Office [i.e. 1830] silver made by another brother, Andrew Ellicott Warner. The use of the Head of liberty is confused by the fact that several pieces known to have been made by Littleton Holland around 1829-1831 are stamped, often twice, with Head of Liberty marks."

Given the above information, it is likely that this piece, not stamped for maker, was made by A.E. Warner, with an alternative attribution to Littleton Holland, both of whom were significant names in the history of Baltimore silver.

The arms are "Fiddle" shaped and the grips are shell form.

There is a feathered script "JBO" monogram engraved on the arch.

They are in superb condition, free of bends, cracks, or repairs, and show a soft, even, patina.

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