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Pair N.A. Freeman, New York, "Prince Albert" Coin Silver Teaspoons

Pair N.A. Freeman, New York, "Prince Albert" Coin Silver Teaspoons
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One of numerous English designs that American silversmiths adopted whole cloth, "Prince Albert" is a scroll and acanthus leaf pattern.

Made by any number of manufacturers, this particular pair of circa 1850 coin silver teaspoons measuring 5 7/8" long each and weighing 1.3 T. oz. combined, are marked "N.A. Freeman 289 B.way," and with a "lion, leopard, S, bust" pseudo hallmark that William McGrew in his work on marks attributes to the "Gilbert, Cunningham, Cooper complex."

They are particularly elegant, well-suited to a New York City carriage trade client, having overall gold wash finishes, which would have been a notable enhancement in their period.

Each one is engraved with a feathered script "CT" monogram set sideways on the handle.

They are in excellent condition. Without bends, dents in the bowls, or other damage, the only signs of use are some loss of the gold finish, slight softening from polishing on one of the monograms, and faint scratches in one bowl.

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