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James Vancourt, NY, "Jenny Lind" Coin Silver Fish Serving Knife & Fork

James Vancourt, NY, "Jenny Lind" Coin Silver Fish Serving Knife & Fork
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Designed by New York City's Albert Coles, "Jenny Lind" was subsequently produced by a number of mid 19th century manufacturers.

This fish serving fork and slice in this pattern are each stamped with the three part "eagle, V, bust" hallmark used by James Vancourt who was in a partnership with Albert's nephew, William Coles, from 1848 to about 1852. There is an "erased C" faintly visible in the marks on these, indicative of the former pairing (see William McGrew Manufacturers' Marks on American Coin Silver, p. 61).

Both pieces have identical 4 1/2" long, filled, hollow handles engraved with feathered script "EKH" monograms. The weight of the fill is included in the following details.

The fork measures 9 3/4" overall and weighs 3.8 T. oz. The solid silver serving end has five tines and an open heel that is dolphin or other fish shaped. The top surface is engraved in a leaf and flower design.

The slice or knife measures 11 1/2" long, weighs 4.0 T. oz., and has a flat, solid silver, blade that is 2" across at the widest. The upper edge is pierced, while the surface is engraved with scrolling acanthus leaves and a central scene featuring a castle or large building by a body of water with a sailboat on it. The backside is engraved in a leaf design above the piercing, and otherwise plain.

The set is in good condition, but shows evidence of use. The engraving shows some softening from polishing, while the overall finish is bright and smooth. The handles fit snugly with the servers, and are without splits or dents, although there are light surface pinprick nicks and the slice end is slightly flattened (see image 2).

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