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G.D. Clark Baltimore 10.15 Standard Silver "Reverse Tipt" Teaspoon

G.D. Clark Baltimore 10.15 Standard Silver "Reverse Tipt" Teaspoon
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A well-documented Baltimore silversmith, Gabriel Daniel Clark began his apprenticeship in 1826 and continued working for several decades following, including a partnership with James A. Foxcroft, 1831-39.

This 5 9/16" long, .4 T. oz., teaspoon is an early example of his work. It is stamped with his name and the peculiar-to-Baltimore "10oz.15'" silver standard that is roughly equivalent to coin.

An obviously well-made piece, this possess a simple charm. It has a fiddle-shaped handle with a reverse tipt end, high, angular and chamfered shoulders off the bowl, and a line drop on the bowl backside.

There is a feathered script "GCW" monogram engraved on the handle front.

In excellent condition, it is free of polishing wear and has a bright finish. The bowl remains well-shaped, and is without tip wear, dents, or bends, although there is a subtle bit of pebbling in the heel.

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