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Hawkes Glass with Sterling Silver Mounts Viking Ship Bowl

Hawkes Glass with Sterling Silver Mounts Viking Ship Bowl
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Dating from the early 20th century, this piece pairs glass and sterling silver in dramatic fashion.

An open clear glass bowl with silver fittings, it portrays a Viking ship.

Maximum dimensions are 9" long, 5 1/8" high and 3 1/2" wide.

The high quality glass is thick and and acid etched with the word "Hawkes" along with the company's "three lobe with two birds and a fleur-de-lis" emblem on the underside at the prow end.

The silver is unidentified, save it is marked "Sterling" on the facing edges of the two fittings on either end of the hull.

The detailing on this is quite remarkable and incorporates a great deal of Norse imagery (please see all three images).

The forward facing dragon or sea creature is highly articulated and formidable looking with focused eyes, flaring nostrils, and staunch musculature.

The neck is ribbed, with the lower portion finished in scaling which could relate to the creature itself and/or be emblematic of the sea.

Both sides of the hull are affixed with seven silver shields, each one incorporating individual imagery that includes runic lettering.

The walls of the hull are scored, which is suggestive of planking.

In exceptionally fine condition, this is free of damage or evidence of wear. The glass is intact and without chips, cracks, flaking, or clouding. The silver retains all its original detail and shows bright finishes. Minor elements such as the rivets which hold the mountings and shields in place are present and secure.

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