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Wongshing Chinese Export "Reverse Tipt" Sterling Silver Teaspoon x 4

Wongshing Chinese Export "Reverse Tipt" Sterling Silver Teaspoon x 4
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$35.00 Price per piece, four available.

A subject unto itself, "Chinese Export Silver" broadly encompasses silver that was made in China beginning in the 18th century, was imitative of English style, and was intended for that market (much it also made its way to the United States).

Export silver was frequently imprinted with pseudo hallmarks suggestive of their English counterparts, but these did not follow the same orderly and definitive system of date, place of manufacture, and maker. They were simply imitative.

This 5 7/8" long, approximately 1.0 T. oz., teaspoon follows along the above characteristics.

It has a typical mid 19th "Reverse Tipt" fiddle shaped handle, with an exposed drop on the backside heel of the bowl and pointed shoulders at the join with the handle.

There is a feathered script "EMA" monogram engraved sideways on the handle front.

It bears a four part mark which includes a "lion, W, leopard head, and bust," which corresponds with the designation used by "Wongshing" of Canton, c. 1840-70.

Unassayed, Export silver was generally made to a sterling standard and routinely to a high level of manufacture, which is the case with this which is well-proportioned and designed, and shows quality crafting.

It is in very good condition, free of polishing wear, retains a well-shaped bowl that is without dents, bends, or tip wear, and has a smooth overall finish.

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